Celebrate Your Business’ Year With Classic Cakes
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The year is wrapping up, which means it’s time to take a look at the numbers and give a round of applause to your team of employees who worked so hard this year to accomplish your company’s goals. Whether your business did exceptionally well this year or you simply want to say “thank you” to your talented employees and partners, why not celebrate with something sweet?

Custom Cakes for Your BusinessHere at Classic Cakes, we believe that any occasion can be celebrated with a delicious and handmade cake. When it comes to end-of- year celebrations at your business, we’re happy to work with you to not only choose the most delicious combination of flavors, but to make a cake that is truly and uniquely suited for your company. We can create custom shapes, designs and color schemes, and we can even re-create your company mascot or logo with frosting, fondant and more. If you need some inspiration for the cake design, check out our gallery and see just a few examples of what’s possible from our talented bakers.

When it comes flavor, we have tons of cake taste options to choose from at Classic Cakes, as well. You can go with a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, like our delicious chocolate or yellow cake (we can also do a marble if you’re feeling dangerous), or choose one of our more interesting flavors like almond, caramel, coconut, peppermint or lemon lavender. If you’ve heard of the cake flavor before, we can make it – and even several more that you never even dreamed possible! We also feature a full spectrum of delicious filling flavors, too, including mousse flavors and classic tastes like cherry, lemon, raspberry and more.

No matter what kind of cake you’d like or what occasion you’re celebrating, the talented bakers at Classic Cakes can create a special cake for your event that’ll make a statement and help you and your colleagues celebrate a successful year and kick off another great one in 2017.

For more information, call Classic Cakes today at 317-844-6901.

Wedding Cakes – What’s Looking Popular for 2016?
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The best part of planning a wedding is tasting all of those yummy cakes, don’t you think? Well, here at Classic Cakes, we specialize in custom and personalized wedding cakes that will perfectly complement your theme – and we promise it’ll taste fantastic, too. We also try to stay on top of the latest trends so that we can offer our brides and grooms the most popular options. With that in mind, here are some ideas for you to consider for your cake that Bridal Guide says are shaping up to be the big wedding cake trends for 2016.

Buttercream Wedding Cake


Fondant has always been a favorite among wedding planners and cake eaters, but in the past few years, we’ve been seeing a return to buttercream, and it looks like the trend will stick in 2016. Fondant is great for giving your cake those perfectly smooth surfaces and edges that make your cake look gorgeous, but it doesn’t always taste great. Buttercream frosting, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to deal with, but is always a crowd pleaser. Our talented bakers can create a lot of awesome designs with this yummy frosting, and we’re already seeing lots of couples who are skipping the boring old fondant in favor of a flavored buttercream, too.

‘Naked’ Cakes

If you want to make a statement with your cake, try the new funky frosting-free trend. These so-called “naked” cakes can be filled with fresh berries and covered with fresh flowers, and will definitely stand out during wedding season. Whether you’re throwing a casual reception or a formal affair, we can style a naked cake to fit any motif, and there are still plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the design.

Fancy Flavors

Bridal Guide also reports that there’s a surging trend for fancy flavors in cakes, like white chocolate mousse, champagne and lavender-vanilla. It looks like the cakes in the new year will be out with the same old vanilla or chocolate, and with some brand-new, exciting tastes! Try something new and different and surprise your guests – we promise, they’ll love it.

Check out our website to see photos of cakes we’ve done before, and call us today at 317-844-6901 to learn more or to schedule a tasting!

Presents Under the Tree? Why Not on the Table?
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A common scene associated with the holiday season is delicately wrapped presents sitting beneath a fully decorated and lit-up tree. Children and adults alike stare at this scene in anticipation, ready to grab those perfect boxes to see what lies underneath their flawless exteriors.

This year, instead of only piling presents underneath a tree, consider placing some on your table in the form of holiday cakes. Gift-shaped cakes are sure to impress this holiday season, and delight your guests with this one-of-a-kind holiday treat. Here are some ways to spice up your holiday baked goods with cakes shaped like presents.

The Cake

A gift-shaped cake fits in perfectly with the season. Similar to real presents, the shape of your cake can be anything you like. The traditional choice is to simulate a box with a square cake, but you can also try rectangles, hearts and more. To create a pile of gifts, simply stack multiple square cakes in different sizes and colors. Be careful as to how you stack the cakes, though – you don’t want your tasty creation to tip over! Done right, your guests won’t know whether to open the gifts on the table or under the tree!

Gift Cakes

Wrapping Paper

There are multiple ways to decorate your cake’s exterior to recreate the look of wrapping paper. One popular technique is to use ever-versatile fondant. Another option is sugar sheets, which come in all sorts of patterns and colors. Using regular icing is also an option – no limits exist here! Get creative and figure out a fun, unique way to decorate your gift cake. Maybe you would like to use M&M candies to create a polka dot effect, or maybe you want to blend in multiple colors of icing to create stripes. If you plan on stacking multiple cakes, decorate each in its own unique way to add depth and distinctly different looks for each “gift.”

Extra Elements

Complete your gift cake with a bow or two using fondant. This will really ensure your guests know your cake is supposed to look like a present, and provides an amazing look. If you were to simply apply icing to a square cake and add on a bow, your cake would pass as a gift. It all comes down to your own artistic styles and preferences in determining how intricate and detailed you want your gift cake creation to look! You could also add a gift tag on your cake to make it look even more realistic. Consider writing something like “To: The Johnson Family; From: Santa” or something similar to add another element to create the full holiday feel.

Of course, with so much happening during the holidays, you might not have time to make one of these great designs. Not to worry – Classic Cakes is there for you! Our team can create a tasty and life-like gift cake for your family to enjoy or as an unexpected gift for a friend or loved one. For more information, contact us today!

Add a Groom’s Cake to Your Wedding Day Festivities
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colts football themed groom's cake

One of our favorite wedding traditions has made a comeback in recent years and we at Classic Cakes couldn’t be more excited! The groom’s cake has its origins in the Victorian era, where slices were given to guests to take home at the end of the wedding celebration. Nowadays, the groom’s cake is a great way to provide your guests with some variety and give your fiancé a chance to participate in the cake making fun!

A delicate masterpiece that the bride has dreamed about for years, your wedding cake is intricately designed with layers of white flowers and ruffles. The groom’s cake is an opportunity for the groom to put his stamp on the wedding; a masculine and fun touch that will make everyone smile. When choosing your groom’s cake, anything goes! Whether you have a favorite sports team or a hobby you would like to highlight, there are many options to consider. From football to golf to zombies, we can make it all.

zombie groom's cake golf groom's cake

Whether you serve your groom’s cake with the wedding cake, at the rehearsal dinner or as a take-home treat, we recommend having some fun with the flavor. For instance, if you choose a classic white flavored wedding cake, try chocolate or a seasonal flavor for the groom’s cake. This way, both you and your significant other’s favorite flavors can be featured and your guests will have a couple delectable options to choose from!

For some more tasty inspiration, visit our Facebook page to view our recent projects and call our Carmel, Indiana shop at 317-844-6901 to get started on your one-of-a-kind design.

Recent Wedding Cake Trends
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2015 has been filled with a variety of beautiful and unique wedding cakes. As we enter into the fall and winter wedding seasons, there are a few trends we absolutely love! Whether you are interested in traditional white, bright ombre or a dazzling metallic, there are plenty of delectable options to consider with Classic Cakes.


gold beaded wedding cake gold accented wedding cake

Add a touch of old-Hollywood glam to your big day with a metallic cake. Gold has been especially popular over the past few months and will look absolutely incredible for a fall or winter wedding. Whether you are looking for something delicate and romantic or bold and modern, there is a way to incorporate touches of gold to accent your vision.

Textured Embellishments

ruffled white wedding cake textured white wedding cake

Adding ruffles, flowers and other delicate embellishments is the perfect way to add a modern touch to a classic white wedding cake. White-on-white details create a tasteful and elegant appearance that will leave your guests in awe. Add dimension with pearls, piping, ruffles and flowers.


pink ombre wedding cake blue ombre wedding cake

A trend that has grown in popularity throughout the past couple of years, ombre cakes are a fun and bold way to incorporate your wedding colors into your cake. Artful and fun, the possibilities are endless. Include deep hues or start with a pale pastel that fades to white. Consider a rich burgundy for your fall or winter nuptials.

Naked Cake

naked wedding cake

A recent trend in the wedding world, naked cakes that display the inside layers are growing in popularity. Layers of fruits like apples and pears are perfect for autumn nuptials and will have your guests eyeing up your cake all night.

Located in Carmel, Indiana, Classic Cakes is happy to help you make your dream wedding cake a reality! View our online gallery and Facebook page for inspiration and call us at 317-844-6901 to get started on your design.

The Perfect Cake for Every Autumn Celebration
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close up fall wedding cakeHalloween ghost cake

September is almost here, with falling leaves and the scent of crisp air just around the corner. Whether you are hosting a fall birthday party or baby shower, planning ahead for next year’s autumn nuptials or looking for a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving dessert, Classic Cakes has some delectable ideas for you to consider.


Autumn spices are growing increasingly popular with beverages, candles and more being flavored for fall. Give your guests a taste of the season with one of our delicious cake or filling flavors. Cake flavors include caramel, spice, hazelnut, apple spice and pumpkin. Each of these flavor options can be paired with a complimentary filling, like apple, cream cheese or hazelnut. Mix and match your fall favorites or pair a festive filling with a classic chocolate or white cake.

fall wedding cake topped with pumpkinsscarecrow cake


Use orange, yellow and deep red hues to make your fall cake stand out. For a Halloween themed bash we love the pairing of bright purple and orange, while subdued harvest tones are perfect for leaves and flowers on a wedding cake.

Unique Design

From owls to pumpkins, scarecrows and ghosts, classic cakes can make it all! Regardless of the theme of your cake, you have plenty of options to choose from. From characters and objects molded from fondant to an entire cake shaped in your design, we can make your sugary dream come true!

thanksgiving cakeHalloween themed wedding cake

To turn your idea into a reality, call us at 317-844-6901. Looking for more inspiration? We are always updating our Facebook page with recent designs!

Think Hand Molded when Designing your Cake!
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Fondant Wedding CakeFondant Zombie Grooms Cake

Whether you are looking for the perfect cake toppers for your wedding or a fun scene on a birthday cake, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here at Classic Cakes our culinary artists can create hand molded figures in your likeness!

We use fondant, a thick paste made of sugar and water, to create our characters. Dye is used to color the mixture for each individual piece – from the hair to the clothing and accessories. From the first kiss to zombie slayers, we have designed it all!

Cakes with fondant characters should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. It can get soft in warm weather, so we recommend keeping your cake refrigerated until it’s time to celebrate.

Invented in the 16th century, fondant was originally made from a mixture of rosewater, sugar, lemon juice, egg whites and gum paste.  Derived from the French word “fondre” which means “to melt,” it was called this because of the way it melts in ones mouth. Cakes were dipped in warm fondant and left to dry. In the 1950s, rolled fondant was developed and began to be used to cover cakes in the manner it is done today.

Baking Themed Cake

There are plenty more options than just figures when it comes to fondant. We also use it in the creation of our sculpted cakes. These intricate designs can mirror your favorite hobby or the party’s theme. The possibilities are endless!

Check out how figures are made with Cakes StepByStep:

Awe and amaze your guests with a unique design and a candy-like taste both kids and adults love. Call us today at 317-844-6901 to create your order! Classic Cakes is located at 1752 E. 116th Street in Carmel, Indiana.

Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party: Great Cake Themes
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Car Themed Birthday Cake

Looking back on your birthday parties as a child, what was your favorite part? Many people remember the decorations, the presents and of course, the cake! There are so many great children’s birthday ideas out there, and many amazing cake designs to choose from to match your party theme. Follow this guide to choose the right theme for your party and a custom cake to match that all the kids will love!

Choose the Theme

Before ordering a cake for your child’s birthday party, you need a theme! When choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party, let them take part in the decision making process. Take cues from your child’s favorite TV shows and movies, as well as their favorite toys and games. Young children will love a party based around their favorite cartoon character or hobby. Some great themes for young children include dinosaurs, princesses or zoo animals!

For older kids, try to base the theme on something they love to do. Whether they are into sports, movies, mysteries, science or more, there are plenty of great games and activities to incorporate into their party!

Castle Themed Birthday Cake

The Perfect Cake

Once you choose your theme, decide on a cake decoration. Here at Classic Cakes, there is no limit to what can be made! Whether you are looking or a cake in the theme of your child’s favorite movie or one in the shape of a castle, we can make it! Designing a cake for your child’s birthday is the fun part, but choosing a flavor can be more difficult.

When deciding on cake flavoring for a kid birthday party, keep it simple. Marble cake is great, since it incorporates both chocolate and vanilla flavorings. White cake is another easy choice if you are worried about picky eaters.

Dorothy Themed Cake

Please remember that all cartoons, books, movies and toys are copyrighted. Because of this, we cannot duplicate them in cake or icing. Instead, we ask customers to purchase toy characters to be placed upon the cake scene we build. For more information about Classic Cakes and the assortment of flavors and styles we offer, call us at 317-844-6901 today!

Summer Wedding Cakes
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Summer Wedding Cake

If you have an upcoming summer wedding or are planning one for the summer 2016 season, check out what Classic Cakes has to offer. Our talented staff can create the perfect wedding cake for your summer nuptials. Just follow these tips to get started!

Choose a Summery Flavor Combination

While many couples choose to go with a classic cake, like chocolate or white, there are many more flavor options to choose from. Options that will remind your guests of summer include lemon, lemon poppyseed, mandarin orange and raspberry. Don’t want to stray too far from the classics? Berry fillings are the perfect summery addition to any cake. Raspberry and strawberry filling are two great summer-inspired choices to enhance your wedding season and delight your guests.

Use Summer Colors

When designing a cake, choose bright summer colors to match the season. A white cake with light yellow, bright red, fuchsia or green accents will make for a perfect addition to your summer celebration.

Match the Cake to your Bouquet

Summer wedding bouquets are beautiful and full of color. Add a pop of summer to your wedding cake by including flowers that match your bouquet. Sugar flowers can be added for a bold effect, or flowers can be painted on with edible dye for a more subdued look.

For some more inspiration and a look at some of our past cake designs, visit our gallery page. Interested in learning more about what Classic Cakes can create for you? Call us today at 317-844-6901.

Cake Trends| Gender Reveal Cakes
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Gender reveal cake

Having a baby is an exciting time for all expecting parents – but it’s also an exciting time for friends and family! The addition of a new family member is something that is treasured by each and every relative and close friend. What better way to share the excitement of learning your baby’s gender than to find out surrounded by everyone you love?

Many new moms and dads are choosing to throw “gender reveal parties” where everyone learns if the new baby is a boy or girl at the same time. How can you make this happen? The biggest struggle is getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Whether you choose to throw a whole gender reveal party or take advantage of already existing holidays like mother’s day, father’s day, or the 4th of July, the occasion is sure to be one that is remembered forever.

Classic Cakes in Carmel can easily help you put together the perfect gender reveal surprise! How? When you go to your gender determination ultrasound, ask your technician to keep mum about what he or she discovers. When the determination is made, have the tech write down the gender and put it in an envelope. Then: bring your sealed envelope to Classic Cakes! We’ll help you decide which type of cake you will need based on how many people you intend to serve at your gender reveal party. Choose your cake flavor and pick out two filling options. We’ll use the pink filling for a girl, or a dyed blue filling for a boy. The whole exterior of the cake can be frosted in your choice of frosting (a neutral color). Once you cut into the cake, everyone will know if your new little one will be a girl or a boy!

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, new baby, a holiday, or even a graduation, Classic Cakes located in Carmel, Indiana can help you design and create the perfect cake.