Cake Trends| Gender Reveal Cakes
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Gender reveal cake

Having a baby is an exciting time for all expecting parents – but it’s also an exciting time for friends and family! The addition of a new family member is something that is treasured by each and every relative and close friend. What better way to share the excitement of learning your baby’s gender than to find out surrounded by everyone you love?

Many new moms and dads are choosing to throw “gender reveal parties” where everyone learns if the new baby is a boy or girl at the same time. How can you make this happen? The biggest struggle is getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Whether you choose to throw a whole gender reveal party or take advantage of already existing holidays like mother’s day, father’s day, or the 4th of July, the occasion is sure to be one that is remembered forever.

Classic Cakes in Carmel can easily help you put together the perfect gender reveal surprise! How? When you go to your gender determination ultrasound, ask your technician to keep mum about what he or she discovers. When the determination is made, have the tech write down the gender and put it in an envelope. Then: bring your sealed envelope to Classic Cakes! We’ll help you decide which type of cake you will need based on how many people you intend to serve at your gender reveal party. Choose your cake flavor and pick out two filling options. We’ll use the pink filling for a girl, or a dyed blue filling for a boy. The whole exterior of the cake can be frosted in your choice of frosting (a neutral color). Once you cut into the cake, everyone will know if your new little one will be a girl or a boy!

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, new baby, a holiday, or even a graduation, Classic Cakes located in Carmel, Indiana can help you design and create the perfect cake.

The Minimalist Guide to Designing a Simple Wedding Cake
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simple wedding cake

One of the most important pieces to a traditional wedding reception is the wedding cake. Whether the cake is extravagant or simple, it is going to be devoured by all of the reception-goers. Don’t forget, though, that next to the bride and groom, the wedding cake is one of the most photographed items at the wedding. So, it is ideal that it is beautiful, picturesque, and delectable. We love that cakes are trending back towards traditional and simple. Some of the most stunning cakes are those that have a beautiful cascade of matching flowers and use simple, elegant styles to create a huge impact.


Size Matters

You don’t want to have too many desserts left over, so plan accordingly. It’s simple; if you’re having a very large wedding reception, order a cake that will suffice for your large number of guests. If your reception is not going to have hundreds of people, then plan for a smaller cake. Follow this guide to see approximately how big you should plan for your cake to be.


Color Scheme

If you are going for the simplistic look, have your wedding cake one color, and add an accent color that will match the color scheme of your wedding. Having an all white cake with one color accent is already a simple, classy look; but it also allows for decorations (such as matching flowers) if desired.


Wedding Cake Toppers

Again, if you’re going for the simple look, you may not even want to worry about a cake topper. If the cake body has detail of any sort, that should be enough for an elegant and uncomplicated wedding cake. Popular toppers these days include a simple cluster of flowers, or the couple’s initials.


Cake Filling

Choosing the flavors of the cake and filling is one of the tastiest parts of the wedding planning process. For a simple wedding cake, don’t worry about going for exuberant cake flavors. Keep it simple and classic with flavors like vanilla or chocolate and choose a filling that will suit most palates.


Simple, yet Elegant Cake Decorations

»        A colored or plain ribbon around each tier of the cake

»        Clustered flowers

»        Add textured frosting to the tiers instead of having a smooth appearance

»        Put the initial of the last name of the newly weds at the top as a topper

Where to Find/Order Your Dream Wedding Cake

Classic Cakes of Carmel, Indiana offers many different custom-made options for creating an ideal cake for your special day. We’re a gourmet bakery in Indianapolis and we strive to create cakes that taste as good as they look. Check out our website for a full list of flavors and a gallery of some of our favorites.

How do I order a wedding cake?
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Learn about wedding cake


There are lots of things to worry about when planning your wedding day. Your cake shouldn’t be one of them. When you are in the hands of a trusted baker, you’ll know it. Every need will be taken care of and every question will have an answer. Whether you want something traditional or you’re planning for a unique wedding cake, your baker will be able to accommodate your vision.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about your wedding cake:


When to order your wedding cake:

The date you should order your wedding cake will depend on a few factors. If your wedding is during one of the busier wedding months, you’ll want to order it six months in advance. If you’ve planned your wedding for one of the off months (fall or winter) you will be safe ordering three months or more ahead of time.


What style wedding cake should I choose?

The most popular wedding cake styles today involve three tiers of cake covered in decadent white frosting. Sometimes brides choose to accent their cake in flowers or ribbons, but the choice is up to you! The best thing you can do is to ask your baker to design a wedding cake around the rest of your décor.


How many tiers should a wedding cake have?

Traditional weddings cakes have two layers, but today we create cakes with as many layers as you need (usually up to four). The number of tiers in your cake will also depend on how many guests you have in attendance. While you don’t need an exact figure, coming to us with an estimate will help us give you the best advice on how many tiers your cake should be.


What should I bring to my cake tasting?

Your cake tasting a perfect opportunity for us to discuss flavors, frostings, designs, and (the best part) for you to taste the cake. It helps us as cake designers if you bring along some photos or samples from your wedding décor. Maybe you have some sample flowers or fabrics. These are perfect.


What is the groom’s cake and do I need one?

The groom’s cake is traditionally a cake that is designed by the bride as a “gift” to the groom. It will usually be themed towards one of his unique interests (golf, video games, hunting, etc.). Usually the groom’s cake is cut and divided into small boxes and given to guests when they leave the reception.

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!
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For all you chocolate lovers out there – don’t miss Chocolate Cake Day – January 27th

Chocolate Cake Day | Classic Cakes

The evolution of the “chocolate cake” is an interesting one with the most historically annotated account assembled by The Food Timeline. Initially, chocolate cake was a reference to cake that didn’t even include chocolate as an ingredient, rather it was cake consumed with a chocolate beverage. Later, yellow or spiced cakes were iced with a chocolate glaze. The first recorded reference to a chocolate cake as we know it today was contained in a 1779 letter from a French prisoner to his wife directing her to make a cake that was “chocolate inside” and “iced everywhere, on the sides and underneath”.

Today, cakes have grown in size, shape and ingredients and known culturally in many different forms from vegan to flourless, black forest to Genoise and cheese cake to molten lava. Chocolate lover’s rejoice over the ultimate chocolate cake with moist layers sandwiching a chocolate butter crème` or panache` covered in yet another sugary confection of chocolate icing and then sprinkled with shavings of yet more rich chocolate.

For those chocolate connoisseurs, a box mix just will not do. Celebrate the day by indulging in the very best chocolate cake in Indiana.

Choose the original chocolate flavored cake or mix it up with chocolaty flavors like fudge or chocolate chip. The best part is choosing the filling! Almost any flavor pairs well with a chocolate cake; but we love to play with caramel, chocolate truffle, coconut, hazelnut, raspberry, or even peppermint. There are hundreds of cake and flavor combinations that will indulge any chocoholic’s palate.


Valentine’s Day Cake Proposals
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Valentine's Cake | Classic Cakes

Once upon a time, flowers were the premiere gift to express a message of attraction. Each flower and color gave way to a feeling of the heart without needing words. Now, there is the cake. Is there a sweeter way to convey feelings, propose marriage, or create a memorable occasion than to present a cake designed specifically to express the uniqueness of those sharing the moment?

The possibilities are as endless as the love shared when it comes to cake design and creativity. A cake can hold the engagement ring in between layers or in frosting. The cake can be the teal blue box wrapped in a frosty white bow that promises something special. Choose your bride-to-be’s favorite cake flavor and let our confection artist craft a unique-to-you frosting design that holds your engagement ring.

We can welcome the color schemes of the floral messages and incorporate them into frosting colors with deep red implying everlasting love, yellow conveying endearing friendship, and pink as a playful expression of feelings that fall somewhere between. We can adorn your cake with confection crafted flowers from roses to orchids, daisies or lilies.

Departing from the traditional route, we can build a cake that is uniquely you. Are you a sports enthusiast, musician, animal rescuer, or rocket scientist? Our creative cake designs can reflect an image of you or the love of your life. Where did you meet? Where was your first date or first kiss? Any of these elements can be wound into your cake design to create a memorable proposal or a Valentine occasion she will never forget.

Check out our previous Valentine’s Day creations in our gallery!

Baby Shower Themed Cakes
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Baby Shower Cake | Classic Cakes

When planning an event such as a baby shower a theme is so much more than color and gender. The theme is a message or reflection… think beyond pink and move over blue. Design your baby shower to reflect the unique qualities of your new or growing family. Tap into your dreams and expectations for your baby…what will your new baby bring to this world? Let your imagination run… and have fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Are you adding another pea to your pod? … there are so many fun things you can do to create a unique and fun baby shower. This theme is especially suited to vegetarians. Table wear and linens should accent the pea green neutral color which works well regardless of the gender of baby. Vegetable trays with sugar snap peas or snow peas should be place on every table. And, of course the cake would take the shape of a pea pod offering different cake flavors of each pea to celebrate the uniqueness of children.

An Alice in Wonderland theme is growing in popularity… you don’t want your baby to be late for her very important date… Myriad design options exist for party invitations and decorating possibilities are endless using the story’s characters. Of course you will be serving tea! Your biggest decision will be the design of the cake embellishments… or just give us creative license – we will not disappoint!

Story book themes are fun and easy to create wonderful complimentary menus and invitation. How about a brunch themed around the classic children’s book Bread and Jam for Frances? Your brunch buffet should include an array of savoring jams and breads. Homemade jams with specialty labels for the event make gracious thank you gifts for your guests. And, of course Mommy’s favorite jam will serve as a scrumptious cake filling.

The arrival of a new baby is as much about parenting as it is about the baby. The baby’s birth marks the beginning of motherhood – so why not select a theme that celebrates the Mommy-to-be? A spa themed shower can be a wonderful event for Mommy and guests. The shower can be held at a spa or any venue can be easily converted to a spa-like environment. Use scented candles in Sandalwood or lavender, a tabletop water fountain makes an excellent centerpiece and the sound of trickling water adds to the ambiance. Add soothing music such as Nada Himalaya and offer a menu that includes cucumber infused water, a fruit bowl and light sandwiches. The cake can compliment many elements in design including a fountain and flavorings and fruit fillings will bring it all together.

Winter Holiday Cakes
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Holiday Cakes

The holiday season is one of my favorite! It’s such a special time for everyone, especially bakers. I love that the holiday culture has continued to evolve to include such a focus on homemade cakes, pies, and cookies. Baking during the holidays is certainly nothing new, but it keeps getting better each year.

We love that we get to bake so many amazing holiday cakes for our customers. Holiday cakes really are a chance to embrace the joyous season and create masterful works of art (that taste delicious!).

For the holiday season, we have tons of specialty flavors. Our custom and deluxe cake flavors complement the traditional flavors of the season quite well. In addition to the standard chocolate, yellow, and white cake, we are able to create an unlimited concoction of cake flavors and fillings. From almond pound cake to decadent peppermint, our holiday cake flavors are sure to please all of your guests. Create unique pairings like apple spice cake with hazelnut filling.

Here is a full list of all of our favorite holiday cake flavors:

  • Almond Pound
  • Caramel
  • Mocha
  • Spice
  • Hazlenut
  • Apple Spice
  • Pumpkin
  • Peppermint
  • Eggnog (NEW!)

Pair any of our mouthwatering cake flavors with these delicious holiday cake fillings:

  • Apple
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Coconut
  • Mocha
  • Peppermint
  • Raspberry

Cakes make the perfect hostess gift for holiday dinners and celebrations. They also are great to bring to potlucks and family dinners. You can always guarantee that everyone will enjoy cake.

For a complete list of all of our cake and filling flavors, view our website.

Re-Thinking Your Wedding Cake Topper
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Re-thinking your wedding cake topper | Classic Cakes


The wedding cake is one of the most important symbols of matrimony. Besides being glamorous and multi-tiered; they have the potential to become a creative and personal description of the bride and groom. But the cake isn’t just a decoration; they provide a functional and beautiful entertainment for the wedding guests.


The wedding cake topper has always been very traditional; a replica of sorts, of the bride and groom standing together at the altar. More couples today are re-thinking their wedding cake toppers- coming up with creative and imaginative alternatives. More and more brides and grooms would describe themselves as non-traditional in the sense that they want their wedding to be more of a reflection of themselves. The wedding cake and cake topper are the two best places to reflect the personality of the new couple.


Here are a few unique ideas for wedding cake toppers that you and your guests will remember:


Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers or floral designs made of fondant icing are a wonderful way to top off your wedding cake. These floral arrangements can be as elaborate and detailed as you desire, or as lovely and simple, as a bouquet of your favorite roses. For some ideas, check out our gallery.


Couples’ Initials

Another hot trend in cake toppers is having the couples initials or some form of a last name ornament displayed on top of the cake in flowing cursive letter sculptures. To be creative, the initials or couples’ names can be made edible. The most common form though, is a piece that can be saved for years to come.


Go Vintage

Vintage is all the rage in fashion and collectibles these days so why not check out sites like Etsy and Pinterest for ideas and options for vintage cake toppers that match your personal style. If you like “shabby chic” or rustic decorations, there are many vintage cake toppers made of wood or recycled materials. These cake toppers make for a more casual and laid-back wedding vibe.


Create a Scene

No, not that kind of scene! We are not suggesting that you make a fool of yourselves at your own wedding; but you can create a scene as a cake topper. With traditional cake toppers being usually just the bride and groom standing and facing each other; many couples are thinking “way outside the box” and creating cake toppers that describe their relationship. If you are a sporty couple, why not have your doll likenesses riding bikes, or rollerblading. Think of the fun activities you both enjoy; or go with comedy, and have two dolls made that are attached to each other, and a ball and chain.


Your wedding is the time to really be who you are; not to please everyone else and live up to their expectations. Yes, love and commitment are very serious, but it will take a lot of humor, to get you through many of your wonderful years together.


Fall Wedding Cakes
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Fall Wedding Cake

Do you have an autumn wedding coming up? Are you planning one for the 2015 fall season? Classic Cakes has the talent that you need to create the perfect wedding cake. Our fall inspired cakes are gloriously decorated and bursting with flavor. Check out some of our tips for creating the perfect fall wedding cake below.

Use seasonal flavor combinations

The most popular flavor for wedding cakes is either vanilla or chocolate. While you can’t go wrong with either of these flavors, why would you want to limit yourself when there is so much potential for a unique cake experience? Guests will really appreciate a break from the standard white vanilla wedding cake. Take advantage of the seasonal flavors that embrace warmth and holiday spirit. At Classic Cakes, our unique fall flavors include apple, spice, hazelnut, mocha, pumpkin, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate truffle. All of these flavors are available all year long, but make for an especially festive fall wedding.

Combine Classic Flavors with Unique Fillings

Because we have such a wide variety of options available, you can pick and choose which flavor combinations will work best for your wedding. Our recommendations? We love chocolate cake with peppermint filling, or spice cake filled with our apple filling. Another great combination is the apple spice cake paired with the caramel filling. The juxtaposition of each cake paired with a festive filling is out of this world.

Use Fall Colors

To really hammer the message home, design your cake to feature some of the rich colors that autumn is famous for. Dark, warm colors like burgundy make for a great wedding cake. For a look at some of our past work, check out our gallery page. You’ll find tons of inspiration for your own cake!

The Magical Possibilities of Sculpted Cakes
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Sculpted Cakes

There is nothing as delightful as seeing a birthday cake intricately shaped like a luxury purse, a set of jewels, an animal, or any other significant symbol that is personal to the birthday person. Sculpted cakes are edible works of art and decorative masterpieces that add so much to the party. The endless possibilities of what can be created through this delectable artistic medium are astounding.


Not only do sculpted cakes amaze guests and provide the focus for entertainment, but cakes can also represent achievements and possibilities for the future. They are so personal and it is amazing to be able to capture each individual’s personality through their birthday cake.


Whether choosing to have your own sculpted cake created, or having one designed for a friend or loved one; the process is fun, imaginative, and creative. Those who design sculpted cakes appear to have as much fun as the client. Though these cakes often depict very important life moments, they all seem to have a sense of whimsy and fantasy within their vivid colors and designs.


From sculpted designs of fabulous stilettos, wild animals, designer handbags, movie popcorn, dolls in dresses, action figures, replicas of homes, bottles of wine and picnic baskets; the list of ideas for sculpted cakes goes on and on. From simple, elegant designs and color palettes, to outrageous carnival-like colors and scenes; sculpted cakes can match every personality or occasion imaginable.


Sculpted cakes are also a magnificent way to honor those in professional service. Firemen, police officers, the Armed Forces, and even your local heroes, can be transformed into edible creations. Firehouses, churches, or photographs of an honoree, can all be brought to life in vanilla cake, with lemon curd filling, wrapped in multi-colored fondant icing. Whatever you can dream up; we can create it.


For your next birthday or celebration, let your imagination run wild through forests and wildflowers, or through Paris or Rome, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum. All of these imaginings can be made edible, into a gorgeous and unforgettable sculpted cake.