Five Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Cake
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The wedding cake holds a very special purpose for a wedding – beyond getting your new spouse a little messy with the ceremonial first bite! The cake is symbolic of the new life you have just entered and the love shared between you and your close friends and family there to celebrate the grand occasion.

Wedding CakesAs each year passes, the wedding cake evolves, resulting in new and unique creations for those brides and grooms not being afraid to think outside of the box and choose a more contemporary cake style. At Classic Cakes, we specialize in bringing your dream of the perfect wedding cake to life and since your wedding cake vision is our priority, we can go very traditional or as modern as you’d like. Here are a few creative ideas to consider for your wedding cake design.

Pops of Bright Colors

Traditional wedding cakes tend to be off white or white with pink accents. However, brides today are getting much more colorful with designing their cakes. For example, brides are going with neon blues, rustic orange, fuchsia, gray and deep greens. Match your cake to your wedding colors and try something bold and original.

Personalized Touches

Another way to dress up your cake is to add personal accents to the design. For example, if you and your spouse are nature lovers, fondant leaves and greenery on your cake can incorporate your passion into its design. Make your cake even more special by adding subtle or bold design elements that reflect your interests.

Bold Flavors and Fun Fillings

Ever had a wedding cake with a filling or in a flavor other than the traditional white, yellow or chocolate? Classic Cakes has a wide variety of cake flavors and fillings so that you can step outside the traditional mold. Our custom and deluxe flavor options include lemon orange almond, chocolate peppermint, apple spice, key lime and many more. Take your cake a step further by adding a filling flavor like cherry, hazelnut, white chocolate mousse or any of our dozen additional filling choices.

Flourishes and Accents

Adding an accent to your cake is a popular choice that gives you a wide range of customization. Whether you want to add something like fresh fruit on top or a bow or ribbon to dress up the cake, we can add these accents to add dimension and flair. We can also combine your accents with a sense of personalization, adding custom colors or monogramming your new initials on the cake.

Asymmetrical Shapes

Ideally no one gets bent out of shape at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean your cake design can’t be atypically shaped! While round and square may be the traditional designs, it hasn’t been hip to be square since Huey Lewis and the News made it so in 1986. Today’s cakes can be shaped to look like a stack of presents, contoured into a unique design or made in nearly any shape or style you imagine. Don’t let simple shapes define your cake – think outside the box!

As wedding cake specialists, Classic Cakes has a wide variety of cake tastes and designs to help you create the perfect option for your special day. Take a look at some of the past wedding cakes we’ve made then sit down with us and discuss your ideas and options to come up with a cake design that’s just right for your wedding. Get started by calling us today at 317-844-6901.

Celebrate the Tradition of First Communion
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For many Catholic and Christian families, the Easter celebration is a very significant time of year. It also happens to coincide with the First Communion season for many families when sons and daughters mark one of the first educational milestones of their lives in the church.

First Communion CakeFor a young child, the First Holy Communion is a very special time. First Communion is a rite of passage in a child’s religious life and is one of three Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church. In many Catholic and Christian faiths, this moment marks the first time a child receives the Eucharist, as The Catholic Company notes.

Since celebrations of Easter and First Holy Communion bring family and friends together, a gathering is typically planned. For parents, there is much preparation involved in honoring their child who is making their First Communion. From the outfit for the First Communion itself, to sending invitations to guests and preparing a gathering afterwards, there is much to do during your child’s First Communion.

Of course, you’ll want plenty of food to share for the celebratory party, decorations to highlight the occasion and a cake, of course.

Cakes hold a pretty big role in any celebration. From weddings and graduations to birthday parties and religious ceremonies, a cake captures the moment and has a way of bringing people together. Plus, the decoration of a cake can help highlight the significance of the celebration and make it an extra-special – and extra-tasty – treat.

At Classic Cakes, we specialize in customized cakes for many occasions. You can choose your own size, flavor combination, colors and décor for the cake design. We have designed many religious-themed cakes over the years and we delight in bringing a parent’s vision of the perfect First Communion celebratory cake together.

Working closely with our clients, we take you step by step through the design phase and we have a variety of crosses and other religious-themed ideas available for you to choose from.

Our team of dedicated and experienced designers and bakers like to give each cake the time it takes to create a beautiful cake, so if you have an upcoming First Communion, let us know so we can get started on planning the perfect cake for your celebration. Give us a call at 317-844-6901 today.

Pastel Pastry: Celebrate Easter with a Custom Cake!
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Easter Candy

Planning an Easter get-together with the family? We know Easter eggs are all the rage this time of year, but they don’t really make a good dessert. Instead of serving something from the grocery store or overloading on Peeps, celebrate the Easter season with a custom pastel pastry from Classic Cakes!

If you really want to embrace the Easter theme, Classic Cakes can create a spring masterpiece in the shape of a spring animal, like a lamb or a bunny. Head over to our Easter gallery for pictures of some of our favorite Easter-themed shaped cakes!

For something that’ll appeal to a wider audience – although, who wouldn’t love a fun, bunny-shaped cake? – we can also do a classic tier cake in pretty pastel colors. Whether you want the cake to feature an Easter egg hunting scene or some more simple spring flowers, we can create the cake of your dreams. If you’re interested in celebrating religious themes, we can work with that as well!

Once you have an idea of what you want the cake to look like, you get to pick out the flavors. We have tons of cake and frosting flavors available, but some of our favorites for spring are the light and delicious choices. If a regular yellow cake isn’t exciting enough for your party, go for lemon poppy seed or lemon orange almond instead. We also have mandarin orange, raspberry sour cream, strawberry, coconut and lemon lavender, all of which will make for light and delicious spring-flavored cakes! When it comes to the icing and filling, choose from any of our favorites, like chocolate truffle, hazelnut, strawberry mousse and more.

This Easter, celebrate the season with a custom cake from Classic Cakes. Your dessert will be the talk of the party! Go for a whimsical and Easter-themed cake in the shape of one of our favorite spring animals, or choose an elegant tiered cake, with delicious spring flavors. Whatever you prefer, you can order your unique Easter cake today by calling Classic Cakes at 317-844-6901.

Create a Custom Cake for St. Patrick’s Day
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Custom CakesSt. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. There are some essentials that you need to have on your checklist for the holiday to be just right. Green beer is a must, and you also have to have corned beef and cabbage. But what about a festive dessert? Classic Cakes has a variety of delicious cakes that you can have custom made to fit your St. Patrick’s Day desires. Let’s take look at some of your delicious options.

For St. Patrick’s Day, a green cake would obviously be the perfect way to celebrate. Peppermint is a very popular flavor that is cool, sweet and refreshing. Peppermint is also great to have to celebrate the tail end of the cold-weather season.

Thinking green, but also want something more suited to a warm-weather palate? We also offer a key lime-flavored cake. This will satisfy your St. Patty’s Day green requirements, but will give you a more tropical and adventurous, tangy flavor. Since the holiday falls between the cold and warm seasons, there is no wrong way to go. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find the right choice for your St. Patrick’s Day at Classic Cakes!

Our fillings can also play into your holiday theme. If you would like to symbolize the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow inside your festive cake, try our tasty lemon filling. If you want to double down on the shamrock color, we also have a peppermint filling. Thinking of perhaps having a homage to your Irish roots? A mandarin orange or carrot cake with green frosting and a white chocolate mousse filling would be a delectable way to represent the colors of the Irish flag.

We encourage you to get creative in designing your very own St. Patrick’s Day-themed cake to celebrate the holiday with a mouthwatering treat that you designed yourself! To learn more or to discuss some options with our cake designers, give Classic Cakes a call today at 317-844-6901.

Bring Fun to Your Child’s Birthday
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Are you planning a child’s birthday party and stressing about all the details? We know how it feels, especially when you have to create an event that’s not only fun for the kids, but enjoyable for all the parents who will attend, too.

No birthday is complete without a cake, and if you’re looking for something fun and unique to feature at your child’s party, look no further than Classic Cakes – we have exactly what you need!

Children's Birthday Cake

We’ve made incredible birthday cakes for kids of all ages, and our birthday boys and girls (and their friends) are always very impressed with the final product. Whether you’re planning a princess party, a robot bash or an under-the-sea-themed soirée, we can make the perfect cake.

We offer all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the standard sheet cake, which is perfect for a large party, to the more elaborate tiered cake. We’ve even done one in the shape of a Barbie before!

If you’re planning a first birthday, we’ll create a gorgeous and delicious cake for you and your friends to enjoy. Your 1-year-old can either have the top tier of the cake all to himself, or we can create a miniature version of the birthday cake for your tot to dig into! The photo op will be worth it – trust us!

When it comes to flavors, we have just about everything you could think of available. For a kids’ birthday party with lots of little ones, go with the classics – chocolate, yellow, white or marble. If you’re doing a tier for the adults at the party, consider raspberry sour cream, coconut, pink champagne or lemon lavender. We also offer a number of different icing and filling flavors, from chocolate truffle to peppermint to mocha, so you can completely customize your cake any way you like.

If you’re still waiting for inspiration to strike, head to our children’s cake gallery and check out some of our most favorite past cakes. To learn more or to discuss your vision of a fabulous cake, call Classic Cakes today at 317-844-6901.

Celebrate Your Sweetheart with a Sweet Dessert
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When you think Valentine’s Day, you may have flowers and a box of chocolates come to mind, but you can really surprise your sweetheart this year with something extra special – a sweet dessert cake from Classic Cakes!

Valentine's Day CakeCelebrate Valentine’s Day with a Custom Cake

Here at Classic Cakes, we offer a number of gorgeous and delicious Valentine’s Day cakes, perfect for celebrating the day of love. They can be heart-shaped in any pattern of pink, red and white, or we can make a more customized cake design that looks exactly like those Valentine’s Day hard candies. Whether your partner is a chocolate lover or prefers vanilla, we have tons of options to choose from, and can bake a cake that will make the end of the night extra special.

Sneak the cake into the fridge to share with your love after your date at your favorite restaurant, or serve it as the last course in a delicious homemade dinner. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting out, skip the drugstore candies and flowers, and take the extra time to say “I love you” this year on Valentine’s Day with a one-of-a-kind cake.

Recreate Your Wedding Cake

If you’re celebrating a big anniversary this year, do something extraordinary by re-creating your wedding cake for your Valentine’s Day date. If you provide us with pictures of your cake and your desired flavors, Classic Cakes can make a replica version that is sure to impress your partner and bring back loving memories of the special day you joined together in marriage.

Speaking of flavors, check out our list of available cake flavors, icings and fillings – we really do have it all! From the classic white, chocolate and marble to unique tastes of almond, caramel and coconut – plus truly exotic tastes like lavender, peppermint and pink champagne – we’ve got anything you could imagine! You definitely won’t be able to get that at a restaurant!

Check out our cake gallery to see some of our favorite cakes or order your custom Valentine’s Day cake today by calling us at 317-844-6901.

Celebrate Your Shower in Style With Custom Cakes
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Everyone loves to celebrate big occasions like a new baby or a wedding. If you’re planning a baby shower or a wedding shower to celebrate special someone with love and gifts, Classic Cakes has the perfect cake for your event.

Wedding Showers

Wedding showers are a great way to show the bride-to-be how much she is loved and appreciated by her closest friends and family, but it’s important to show the attendees that they’re appreciated, too! When it comes time to eat lunch, treat your guests with a delicious custom cake for dessert. We can match any style or color that’ll work with your shower décor, so just give us a call so we can start coming up with the perfect cake for your wedding shower! We can make gift-shaped cakes or designs that look like a miniature version of your wedding cake – but only if you want to spoil the surprise of what it will look like! Many of our customers love our unique floral and classic swirl designs in tones that match your wedding colors.

Baby Shower

Custom Cakes

A baby shower is not complete without an adorable themed cake. Whether you’re going all out blue or pink or doing a gender-neutral theme, we got you covered. From racecars to princess palaces to onesies, Classic Cakes has done it all, and no matter what your vision is for the perfect shower cake, we can help you create it. If you’re doing a more elegant event, aimed at pampering the mom-to-be, we’ll design a gorgeous cake with scrumptious flavors that guests will be talking about for years to come.

Customize Your Cake

Speaking of flavors, if you’ve heard of it, we can make it. Some of our favorites include the standard yellow and chocolate cakes, but we also offer raspberry, almond pound, chocolate chip cookie, lemon poppy seed, mandarin orange, mocha, pink champagne and lemon lavender – to name only a few! We can even add an extra burst of flavor with custom filling options, too! Check out our list of cake and filling flavors and find your favorite.

Celebrate in style – and with great taste – by ordering a custom shower cake from Classic Cakes. To speak with one of our talented bakers about your cake, call us today at 317-844-6901 or stop in and see us on 116th Street in Carmel, Indiana.

Bring a Sweet Treat to the Holidays
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It’s a very special time of year. We take a break from our busy schedules and gather with loved ones to celebrate from our cozy homes as the cold winter arrives. The holiday season is a wonderful excuse to indulge in that extra tasty food you have been avoiding all year. It is also a time to give and receive gifts with the people you love most. Who said indulging in treats and gift giving were mutually exclusive?

Holiday Treats

Classic Cakes has some of the most deliciously amazing cakes at affordable prices. During the holidays, however, our gift cakes are a very popular item. We design these cakes to look like elegant stacks of presents, complete with bows, lace and colorful wrapping. They are just as tasty as they are beautiful. There is such a wide variety in our cake styles, flavors and filling options that our cakes will please even the pickiest of dessert eaters.

From the standard yellow cake with chocolate frosting to the deluxe pistachio cake with pumpkin frosting, Classic Cakes has it anything you could want in any combination. We also provide a wide range of custom flavors so you can take control of your holiday by designing your very own delicious dessert. We encourage you to create a gift that you know your family will enjoy. That kind of thoughtfulness is what the holiday season is all about.

Holiday Treats

Classic Cakes’ delicious, festive and affordable cakes are sure to make this holiday season one that you and your family will always remember. They are a sweet treat that combine the best aspects of the holidays – food, presents and the gathering of loved ones – meaning everyone will gather around your gift cake to get seconds. If you are interested in purchasing your very own gift cake to share with your loved ones, call Classic Cakes today at 317-844-6901.

Celebrate Your Business’ Year With Classic Cakes
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The year is wrapping up, which means it’s time to take a look at the numbers and give a round of applause to your team of employees who worked so hard this year to accomplish your company’s goals. Whether your business did exceptionally well this year or you simply want to say “thank you” to your talented employees and partners, why not celebrate with something sweet?

Custom Cakes for Your BusinessHere at Classic Cakes, we believe that any occasion can be celebrated with a delicious and handmade cake. When it comes to end-of- year celebrations at your business, we’re happy to work with you to not only choose the most delicious combination of flavors, but to make a cake that is truly and uniquely suited for your company. We can create custom shapes, designs and color schemes, and we can even re-create your company mascot or logo with frosting, fondant and more. If you need some inspiration for the cake design, check out our gallery and see just a few examples of what’s possible from our talented bakers.

When it comes flavor, we have tons of cake taste options to choose from at Classic Cakes, as well. You can go with a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, like our delicious chocolate or yellow cake (we can also do a marble if you’re feeling dangerous), or choose one of our more interesting flavors like almond, caramel, coconut, peppermint or lemon lavender. If you’ve heard of the cake flavor before, we can make it – and even several more that you never even dreamed possible! We also feature a full spectrum of delicious filling flavors, too, including mousse flavors and classic tastes like cherry, lemon, raspberry and more.

No matter what kind of cake you’d like or what occasion you’re celebrating, the talented bakers at Classic Cakes can create a special cake for your event that’ll make a statement and help you and your colleagues celebrate a successful year and kick off another great one in 2017.

For more information, call Classic Cakes today at 317-844-6901.

Wedding Cakes – What’s Looking Popular for 2016?
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The best part of planning a wedding is tasting all of those yummy cakes, don’t you think? Well, here at Classic Cakes, we specialize in custom and personalized wedding cakes that will perfectly complement your theme – and we promise it’ll taste fantastic, too. We also try to stay on top of the latest trends so that we can offer our brides and grooms the most popular options. With that in mind, here are some ideas for you to consider for your cake that Bridal Guide says are shaping up to be the big wedding cake trends for 2016.

Buttercream Wedding Cake


Fondant has always been a favorite among wedding planners and cake eaters, but in the past few years, we’ve been seeing a return to buttercream, and it looks like the trend will stick in 2016. Fondant is great for giving your cake those perfectly smooth surfaces and edges that make your cake look gorgeous, but it doesn’t always taste great. Buttercream frosting, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to deal with, but is always a crowd pleaser. Our talented bakers can create a lot of awesome designs with this yummy frosting, and we’re already seeing lots of couples who are skipping the boring old fondant in favor of a flavored buttercream, too.

‘Naked’ Cakes

If you want to make a statement with your cake, try the new funky frosting-free trend. These so-called “naked” cakes can be filled with fresh berries and covered with fresh flowers, and will definitely stand out during wedding season. Whether you’re throwing a casual reception or a formal affair, we can style a naked cake to fit any motif, and there are still plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the design.

Fancy Flavors

Bridal Guide also reports that there’s a surging trend for fancy flavors in cakes, like white chocolate mousse, champagne and lavender-vanilla. It looks like the cakes in the new year will be out with the same old vanilla or chocolate, and with some brand-new, exciting tastes! Try something new and different and surprise your guests – we promise, they’ll love it.

Check out our website to see photos of cakes we’ve done before, and call us today at 317-844-6901 to learn more or to schedule a tasting!