Re-Thinking Your Wedding Cake Topper
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Re-thinking your wedding cake topper | Classic Cakes


The wedding cake is one of the most important symbols of matrimony. Besides being glamorous and multi-tiered; they have the potential to become a creative and personal description of the bride and groom. But the cake isn’t just a decoration; they provide a functional and beautiful entertainment for the wedding guests.


The wedding cake topper has always been very traditional; a replica of sorts, of the bride and groom standing together at the altar. More couples today are re-thinking their wedding cake toppers- coming up with creative and imaginative alternatives. More and more brides and grooms would describe themselves as non-traditional in the sense that they want their wedding to be more of a reflection of themselves. The wedding cake and cake topper are the two best places to reflect the personality of the new couple.


Here are a few unique ideas for wedding cake toppers that you and your guests will remember:


Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers or floral designs made of fondant icing are a wonderful way to top off your wedding cake. These floral arrangements can be as elaborate and detailed as you desire, or as lovely and simple, as a bouquet of your favorite roses. For some ideas, check out our gallery.


Couples’ Initials

Another hot trend in cake toppers is having the couples initials or some form of a last name ornament displayed on top of the cake in flowing cursive letter sculptures. To be creative, the initials or couples’ names can be made edible. The most common form though, is a piece that can be saved for years to come.


Go Vintage

Vintage is all the rage in fashion and collectibles these days so why not check out sites like Etsy and Pinterest for ideas and options for vintage cake toppers that match your personal style. If you like “shabby chic” or rustic decorations, there are many vintage cake toppers made of wood or recycled materials. These cake toppers make for a more casual and laid-back wedding vibe.


Create a Scene

No, not that kind of scene! We are not suggesting that you make a fool of yourselves at your own wedding; but you can create a scene as a cake topper. With traditional cake toppers being usually just the bride and groom standing and facing each other; many couples are thinking “way outside the box” and creating cake toppers that describe their relationship. If you are a sporty couple, why not have your doll likenesses riding bikes, or rollerblading. Think of the fun activities you both enjoy; or go with comedy, and have two dolls made that are attached to each other, and a ball and chain.


Your wedding is the time to really be who you are; not to please everyone else and live up to their expectations. Yes, love and commitment are very serious, but it will take a lot of humor, to get you through many of your wonderful years together.


Fall Wedding Cakes
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Fall Wedding Cake

Do you have an autumn wedding coming up? Are you planning one for the 2015 fall season? Classic Cakes has the talent that you need to create the perfect wedding cake. Our fall inspired cakes are gloriously decorated and bursting with flavor. Check out some of our tips for creating the perfect fall wedding cake below.

Use seasonal flavor combinations

The most popular flavor for wedding cakes is either vanilla or chocolate. While you can’t go wrong with either of these flavors, why would you want to limit yourself when there is so much potential for a unique cake experience? Guests will really appreciate a break from the standard white vanilla wedding cake. Take advantage of the seasonal flavors that embrace warmth and holiday spirit. At Classic Cakes, our unique fall flavors include apple, spice, hazelnut, mocha, pumpkin, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate truffle. All of these flavors are available all year long, but make for an especially festive fall wedding.

Combine Classic Flavors with Unique Fillings

Because we have such a wide variety of options available, you can pick and choose which flavor combinations will work best for your wedding. Our recommendations? We love chocolate cake with peppermint filling, or spice cake filled with our apple filling. Another great combination is the apple spice cake paired with the caramel filling. The juxtaposition of each cake paired with a festive filling is out of this world.

Use Fall Colors

To really hammer the message home, design your cake to feature some of the rich colors that autumn is famous for. Dark, warm colors like burgundy make for a great wedding cake. For a look at some of our past work, check out our gallery page. You’ll find tons of inspiration for your own cake!

The Magical Possibilities of Sculpted Cakes
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Sculpted Cakes

There is nothing as delightful as seeing a birthday cake intricately shaped like a luxury purse, a set of jewels, an animal, or any other significant symbol that is personal to the birthday person. Sculpted cakes are edible works of art and decorative masterpieces that add so much to the party. The endless possibilities of what can be created through this delectable artistic medium are astounding.


Not only do sculpted cakes amaze guests and provide the focus for entertainment, but cakes can also represent achievements and possibilities for the future. They are so personal and it is amazing to be able to capture each individual’s personality through their birthday cake.


Whether choosing to have your own sculpted cake created, or having one designed for a friend or loved one; the process is fun, imaginative, and creative. Those who design sculpted cakes appear to have as much fun as the client. Though these cakes often depict very important life moments, they all seem to have a sense of whimsy and fantasy within their vivid colors and designs.


From sculpted designs of fabulous stilettos, wild animals, designer handbags, movie popcorn, dolls in dresses, action figures, replicas of homes, bottles of wine and picnic baskets; the list of ideas for sculpted cakes goes on and on. From simple, elegant designs and color palettes, to outrageous carnival-like colors and scenes; sculpted cakes can match every personality or occasion imaginable.


Sculpted cakes are also a magnificent way to honor those in professional service. Firemen, police officers, the Armed Forces, and even your local heroes, can be transformed into edible creations. Firehouses, churches, or photographs of an honoree, can all be brought to life in vanilla cake, with lemon curd filling, wrapped in multi-colored fondant icing. Whatever you can dream up; we can create it.


For your next birthday or celebration, let your imagination run wild through forests and wildflowers, or through Paris or Rome, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum. All of these imaginings can be made edible, into a gorgeous and unforgettable sculpted cake.

Rustic Wedding Cakes
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rustic wedding cakes from classic cakes

If you haven’t already noticed, the country chic wedding theme has taken the industry by storm. Between all of the do-it-yourselfers and the movements towards functional simplicity in all areas of life, the rustic wedding theme has remained a top choice for brides across the United States.

The great thing about a rustic inspired wedding is that it appeals to so many types of people: The bride who is simple, the country bride, the vintage bride. No matter which type of bride you are, the rustic inspired weddings are a naturally gorgeous way to tie together all of the elements in the wedding.

Along with the rustic wedding trend, has come an amazing array of rustic wedding cakes. These cakes are created with inspiration gathered from natural sources like trees, flowers, animals, and plants. The characteristics that of a rustic cake are that they are simple, yet elegant; needing no extra frills, but just allowing the simplistic beauty to shine through. Lots of times rustic wedding cakes are made to look like trees, or are decorated simply with white frosting and a dusting of simple, natural decorations.

So why are these rustic themes all the rage? We attribute it a great deal to the ease of the style. Often times if the setting is outdoors, you’ve got most of your decorations already available: trees, grass, blue sky… The rest is just details. The style appeals to many DIY’ers because just about anything can be created from recycled materials at a relatively low cost. It is easy to reuse items from other aspects of life (such as mason jars) as decorative materials for the wedding. In the end, once the decorations and the cake are in place, the whole look comes together almost magically.

Wedding Cake Tasting Party Ideas
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 wedding cake tasting party

Red Velvet, White, Chocolate, Marble, the list goes on and on for cake flavors.  One of the best parts of planning a wedding is sampling cake.  How can you possibly make this an even better experience? Throw a wedding cake tasting party!  Invite your bridesmaids over and make an afternoon of it.

If you are really trying to narrow down what flavor frosting goes best with the cake type for your wedding, it is great to get a second, third and fourth opinion to make sure that your guests are satisfied.

Once you put your guest list together and receive the RSVP’s for the afternoon start baking.  Make sure that you have enough samples for the amount of “judges” that are coming over.  Maybe keep a few extra aside for your fiancé so he doesn’t get jealous over all the cake you are eating without him! We recommend using biscuit cutters to make evenly cut samples, but if you don’t have biscuit cutters, you can always cut small sample sizes for everyone.  Or another fun idea is to make cake pops for your friends to sample, they are super easy to make as well.

When laying out the cakes, group them by type and frosting.  This way when passing out the samples you can be assured that you are giving out the same samples at the same time.  This could lead to confusion when someone’s #4 sample is different than another #4 cake.

We also recommend using a palate cleanser in between cakes.  Sometimes frostings can have a powerful flavor and can remain on your taste buds when moving from one sample to another.

If you follow along with our easy steps above you will definitely have a great party with amazing desserts to help decide what you would like to do for your wedding.



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5 Romantic Wedding Cake Ideas
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Weddings are all about the romance, so you may not even think to include this in the cake. But what exactly is a “romantic cake”? Below are a few examples of how you can include a romance to your cake.


  • Rose Covered Cake- So many brides are choosing to have rustic romantic and vintage themed days. A rose covered cake can fit in perfectly with those theme and add some whimsy


  • Naked Cake- The newest type of cake is a layered cake with a thin or no layer of icing on the outside to expose the layers of cake and filing. Besides the unique styling of the cake the clear symbol it creates can be romantic with sexual connotations.


  • Dove Inspired- Since as long as we can remember doves have been the symbol of love when found in pairs and can also show a sign of peace. What better way to unite a family and have a beautiful cake than with symbolism of doves and all they stand for.


  •  Hearts- The clear choice for a literal interpretation of love and romance is hearts. You do not need to have a giant heart cake or a cake covered with big red hearts. You could have a cake with intricate piping work including hearts throughout or you could have one layer with a large heart. If you have having a rustic wedding you could have a cake to look like logs from a tree and then a heart carved into one side with you and your fiancé’s initials.


  • Knots- The saying tying the knot can be taken into cake form. Tying the knot dates back to the ritual of hand fasting, where a couples hands are tied together to signify their bond as a couple. If your having a nautical theme wedding you could have a anchor with one single strong knot as the focal point of the cake.

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5 Unique Wedding Cake Shape Ideas
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wedding cakes

Beyond flavor and frosting, wedding cakes are differentiated by shape. And, despite the conventional appearance of a wedding cake’s iconic imagery, there is a remarkable amount of variety between available cake shapes and styles.


  1. The first, and undoubtedly the most classic, style of wedding cake is the round, multi-tiered cake. Couples select this type of cake for its understated elegance, or use its simple construction as a canvas for more eye-catching fondant embellishments.
  2. A modern take on the traditional wedding cake design is the square tiered cake. The angular elements of this style can be either downplayed with rounded frosting edges, or accentuated with colored ribbons and borders.
  3. Even more stunning is a hexagonal wedding cake design, which needs little ornamentation to be memorable. Such a distinctive shape is complemented by a minimalist garnish, like a solitary bouquet of sugar flowers atop the highest tier.
  4. Another popular style of wedding cake is a scalloped or petal cake. With a shape reminiscent of flower petals, this type of cake is perfect for garden receptions and those with an emphasis on floral decor. Its unique contours are best paired with a few pops of vibrant color amongst an otherwise white-on-white color scheme.
  5. The fifth, and final, popular wedding cake design is the tilted layered cake. Staggered, asymmetrical tiers are the bold alternative to the more typical cake shapes. Chosen for their charming quirk and unconventional design possibilities, topsy-turvy cakes are suited for whimsical receptions and colorful decoration. Understated is not a word typically associated with this style of cake; as such, its striking shape finds companion in bold, textured frosting.


Using these five, popular wedding cake shapes, professional wedding bakers, like those at Classic Cakes, can work with you to build the cake of your dreams.

What is the “Groom’s Cake”?
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You picked out the perfect cake and of course this was your fiancé’s favorite part, but it doesn’t have to end there. The old tradition of a groom’s cake is making a comeback and allowing couples to be even more creative than before. Your mom wanted you to have the beautiful white cake with intricate piping and you fell in love as well, but your groom’s opinion was lost in the shuffle. A groom’s cake is the perfect opportunity to show personality.

A groom’s cake can be used in a variety of ways, whether it is the cake for the rehearsal dinner or just a 2nd cake at the wedding. No matter what the use make sure you highlight your guy. You can have a cake painted to look like his favorite candy bar, or a chocolate cake with a monster truck parked on top. Whatever you do just make sure it makes an impact. If you going to have a second cake might as well make it perfect!

If you want the groom’s cake, but think it will be too much, then use it as a favor. Arrange for your caterer to cut the cake and place in boxes for guests to take home as a midnight snack. In the Victorian ages this was the tradition. The other tradition was from single women to sleep with it under their pillow in hopes their prince charming will come. With a groom’s cake you can have and your cake and eat it too.



Popular Types of Wedding Cake Icing
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wedding cake ideas

You’ve finalized your guest list, decided on your flavors, and now all that’s left is the design and style of your fabulous wedding cake. There are many things to consider in your design – and choosing the right type of icing is one of the most important, as it can make or break your wedding cake on that big day.


Buttercream icing is one of the more popular cake icings and is common for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other traditional events. With a flavorful sweetness and soft texture, buttercream lends itself well to serving, and most people love buttercream, so it’s a definite crowd-pleaser. One thing to consider is the average temperature on your wedding day (especially if it’s an outdoor reception). If it’s hot or humid, the icing may begin to melt, which could send your cake topper sliding. Cakes can be refrigerated until ready to serve, which unfortunately means you won’t be able to display them while guests arrive.


Fondant icing is often used for wedding cakes due to its smooth texture and easy sculpting ability. Made with sugar, hot water, and corn syrup, fondant is draped over cakes in a thin layer, leaving nice rounded edges. Fondant can be used to create unique and interesting designs and shapes, which makes the possibilities for your cake nearly endless. Some of your guests may not like the gummy texture of fondant, so fondant may only be an option if the design requires it. Don’t assume all fondant tastes horrible though; many expert bakers have found way around that by now.


Royal icing, made with egg whites and sugar, is great for making delicate flowers or other decorations, but is also sometimes used to cover whole cakes. Working with royal icing takes skill and careful planning, as it hardens rather quickly. Royal icing can also be placed over fondant for a smooth base and intricate designs.


Marzipan is similar to fondant in its draping properties, though it is made with almond paste. The almond paste is not only more pliable, but also more sweet and flavorful, making it a good alternative to fondant in terms of taste. However, marzipan may dry out if left uncovered before serving, so sometimes marzipan and fondant are mixed together to get the best of both options.


When you’re deciding on the best icing type, be sure to think about your guests, the environment, taste, and of course, your design. Each option has its own benefits and downfalls for each person, depending on personal needs and desires.




The Confectionery Battle: Wedding Cakes or Cupcakes?
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Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

Weddings are without a doubt some of the most beautiful, wonderful and graceful events of a lifetime. Though from a bride’s (or groom’s) perspective, weddings can be incredibly stressful. With no shortage of decisions to be made, the last thing you want to worry about is your cake turning out perfect. Well, what if you got cupcakes instead? It may seem easier, but the truth is that choosing between cupcakes or a cake for your wedding can be just as difficult as choosing the right dress. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both to help you decide which confectionery delight is best for your big wedding day.


Cake: The Pros

  • As a long standing tradition, cakes are obviously the most popular option for all different kinds of weddings. The cutting of the cake, feeding it to your loved one, and saving the top tier for your first anniversary – these are all things you might miss out on if you go the cupcake route instead.
  • The approval of your guests should not be the major factor in your choice, but it is important to keep in mind that your guests will probably be looking for the cake when they walk into your reception. Expect some guests to question where your dazzling wedding cake is. Which brings us to our next point…
  • Your cake will be amazing, beautiful, and extravagant... if you want it to be. The beauty of having a wedding cake lies in the fact that you can have it designed exactly to your specifications. The cake will be unique to you and your future spouse, and the memory will be something you cherish for years.


Cake: The Cons

  • Cakes are expensive. For better or worse, your cake will most likely be more pricey than the alternative.
  • Your flavors may be more limited. Varying flavors are usually limited to the number of tiers you have, which is limited by the number of guests you have. Also, remember that the higher the tier, the less of that flavor there will be.
  • Easier to ruin in terms of appearance. For instance, let’s say Aunt Susie is leaning in to take a close look at the cake topper and her dangly necklace drags through the frosting; it’d be a lot easier to hide one cupcake rather than the middle tier of your cake!

Cupcakes: The Pros

  • Variety! When you have cupcakes, the flavor possibilities are huge. There is bound to be at least one thing that everyone likes: A major plus.
  • Easy to DIY. You can even make the cupcakes yourself if you’re feeling really motivated. As most brides are probably busy with a million other things, it’s a great project to grab your family members for – those aunts, grandmas, moms, sisters, brothers, uncles – anyone that has been dying to help out. Cupcakes make for a great family project.
  • May not be as extravagant as a cake would be, but perhaps that is exactly what you want. Your cupcakes can still be designed to your liking – in a newly beautiful and exciting way.
  • Guests can pick their own as they wish. One less thing to worry about! Your guests can grab their cupcake(s) of choice at any time after dinner has been served. No need to worry about having the cake sliced and served.
  • And finally, cupcakes have the potential to be significantly cheaper. Enough said.


Cupcakes: The Cons

  • Cupcakes force you to lose that cake cutting tradition as it has always been. (Although, many couples decide to order a “cutting cake” in addition to the cupcakes for this reason – also a great option).
  • Your cupcake display has to be really, really good. Remember, the cupcakes are replacing the cake and this can be a pretty big role to fill.


All in all, the choice is completely up to the couple. If you’re working on a budget, cupcakes may be the route to go. Remember that you can always have a cutting cake if you want. But you might have already saved up for that amazing cake idea you’ve been dreaming of since you were 12 – in which case, stay traditional and get your dream cake.


Think about the number of guests you’ll be having, what kind of traditions you’ll be going through at the reception, and most importantly – consider each other and your guests. Have a picky family? Maybe you should go the cupcake route. If you think just white and chocolate will satisfy everyone, a cake should do just fine! The possibilities are endless.