4 Delicious Wedding Cake Trends for 2014

When a new year approaches, two things happen. People review the year that is coming to a close and predict the trends we can expect to see in the coming year. 2013 was indeed a great year for every industry, including the culinary industry. Today, however, we’re going to look ahead into 2014.

No matter what kind of year you had in 2013, this next year seems to be a promising one. So if you’re getting married next year, if you hope to be getting married next year, if you know someone getting married next year, or if you just like to read up on new and exciting cake trends, this is a post for you. Here are 4 wedding cake trends we can expect to see more of on the web (Pinterest) in 2014!


1.) Ruffled Wedding Cakes
The days of a wedding cake smoothed to perfection may be over this year. Ruffled wedding cakes are imperfectly perfect, with ribbons of fondant and frosting, there are so many ways to twist this new cake trend. Many ruffled wedding cakes have the ruffles cascading down the side, in uniform ribbons around the tiers or in a circular fashion making the ribbons resemble flowers made of cloth. Tacky ruffled wedding dress sleeves may not be making a comeback just yet, but ruffled wedding cakes are proving to be quite the elegant choice.

2.) Ombre Wedding Cakes
I think we are all well aware that 2013 was the year of ombre – hair that is. From celebrities to the girl next store, women everywhere were experimenting with this trend with dark hair on top fading to a lighter color to the tips. The ombre trend is now getting even bigger, but this time on cakes. Ombre cakes are so incredibly pleasing to the eye. Imagine a cake coordinating with your wedding color scheme, the shades of color intensifying as they drip to the base layer. It sounds like confectionery heaven, am I right?

4.) Naked Wedding Cakes
No need to cover your eyes – these naked wedding cakes are completely G-rated. The recent wedding cake trend strips the cakes of the outer layer of frosting (and hundreds of calories) exposing the color of the cake inside and the filling between the tiers. This gives brides and bakers a whole new material to play with – the actual cake inside! Since it’s exposed, the color of the cake actually matters. Some choose a funfetti look, while others even decide that they want to ombre the color of the cake tiers!

5.) Burlap Wedding Cakes
With rustic-theme weddings consistently growing in popularity, it’s no wonder this trend has made its way to the dessert portion of your special day. Having a cake wrapped in burlap material is the perfect way to add a rustic elegant characteristic to your day.


Whether you go classic or choose to invest in a modern design for your wedding cake, the choice is completely yours! The world moves fast and there will be many more wedding cake trends to look out for in 2014, so keep your eyes peeled, or start a trend of your own! Happy New Year and cake hunting!

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