5 Romantic Wedding Cake Ideas

weddingcake1Weddings are all about the romance, so you may not even think to include this in the cake. But what exactly is a “romantic cake”? Below are a few examples of how you can include a romance to your cake.

Rose Covered Cake- So many brides are choosing to have rustic romantic and vintage themed days. A rose covered cake can fit in perfectly with those theme and add some whimsy

Naked Cake- The newest type of cake is a layered cake with a thin or no layer of icing on the outside to expose the layers of cake and filing. Besides the unique styling of the cake the clear symbol it creates can be romantic with sexual connotations.

Dove Inspired- Since as long as we can remember doves have been the symbol of love when found in pairs and can also show a sign of peace. What better way to unite a family and have a beautiful cake than with symbolism of doves and all they stand for.

Hearts- The clear choice for a literal interpretation of love and romance is hearts. You do not need to have a giant heart cake or a cake covered with big red hearts. You could have a cake with intricate piping work including hearts throughout or you could have one layer with a large heart. If you have having a rustic wedding you could have a cake to look like logs from a tree and then a heart carved into one side with you and your fiancé’s initials.

Knots- The saying tying the knot can be taken into cake form. Tying the knot dates back to the ritual of hand fasting, where a couples hands are tied together to signify their bond as a couple. If your having a nautical theme wedding you could have a anchor with one single strong knot as the focal point of the cake.

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