5 Unique Wedding Cake Shape Ideas

Jackblack-cake-201x300Beyond flavor and frosting, wedding cakes are differentiated by shape. And, despite the conventional appearance of a wedding cake’s iconic imagery, there is a remarkable amount of variety between available cake shapes and styles.

  1. The first, and undoubtedly the most classic, style of wedding cake is the round, multi-tiered cake. Couples select this type of cake for its understated elegance, or use its simple construction as a canvas for more eye-catching fondant embellishments.
  2. A modern take on the traditional wedding cake design is the square tiered cake. The angular elements of this style can be either downplayed with rounded frosting edges, or accentuated with colored ribbons and borders.
  3. Even more stunning is a hexagonal wedding cake design, which needs little ornamentation to be memorable. Such a distinctive shape is complemented by a minimalist garnish, like a solitary bouquet of sugar flowers atop the highest tier.
  4. Another popular style of wedding cake is a scalloped or petal cake. With a shape reminiscent of flower petals, this type of cake is perfect for garden receptions and those with an emphasis on floral decor. Its unique contours are best paired with a few pops of vibrant color amongst an otherwise white-on-white color scheme.
  5. The fifth, and final, popular wedding cake design is the tilted layered cake. Staggered, asymmetrical tiers are the bold alternative to the more typical cake shapes. Chosen for their charming quirk and unconventional design possibilities, topsy-turvy cakes are suited for whimsical receptions and colorful decoration. Understated is not a word typically associated with this style of cake; as such, its striking shape finds companion in bold, textured frosting.


Using these five, popular wedding cake shapes, professional wedding bakers, like those at Classic Cakes, can work with you to build the cake of your dreams.

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