A Baby Reveal Story – Making it Personal!

We have been making reveal cakes every week lately at Classic Cakes!  They are becoming more and more popular as a fun way to reveal the baby’s gender to family and friends. There are a number of ways to order a reveal cake.  First, one needs to call in ahead of the date of the ultrasound to plan the cake flavor, size, shape, decorations, and date of the reveal party. Methods for Classic Cakesto  find out the gender of the baby can differ.  Some couples like to know the “secret” ahead of the family and friends.  The parents call us to tell us whether their expected little one is a boy or a girl.  We add the pink or blue icing inside the cake and then proceed to decorate the cake.  Sometimes even the parents want to be surprised at the party.  Now, the Dr’s office gets involved in the party! They seal a photo of the ultrasound results in an envelope and someone delivers that to our store.  We love it when we get to open the envelope and see the gender first! Then the order proceeds in the same manner.

Now, what should be taken into consideration for the decorations on the cake?  We have several suggestions. We think the cake is most effective when you have both pink and blue on the outside so there is no hint of what is inside.  Then it is always fun to add some other co-ordinating colors to the cake.  Some customers like to stay in the soft baby pastels of pink, blue, green, and yellow. We like to add some more bold offbeat colors if possible like lime green, orange, purple, chocolate brown, or teal.  Whatever colors and designs are chosen, it is always fun to be a part of such a special times in the lives of our customers!

Now the personal side of this story… we are expecting our third grandchild in March!  Our son and his wife, Ryan and Tiffany are expecting their second child.  They already have a 3 1/2 year old boy. I was actually with them at the ultrasound when they learned the gender of their new baby.  They found out on a Monday, but kept the secret until a small group gathering with their friends at church on the following Sunday.  Their friends had been asking for several weeks about the sex of the baby because Tiffany had been having several ultrasounds and they were all anxious to find out the answer.  In fact, Ryan and Tiffany took a cake to a previous event that was decorated with blue on the outside, but when the cake was cut, it was pink on the inside. Ryan and Tiffany had to confess that they did not know the gender yet. Of course, their friends all demanded to know if this was a REAL reveal cake this time!

What a fun way to make the annoucement even more special!  Here are pictures of their reveal…you will see the gender yourself.  We are excited to have another grandchild on the way!

Brayden is excited to get a sibling!


The reveal cake...the bottom layer is pumpkin cake and the small top layer is almond pound cake with truffle filling.




Ryan and Tiffany are cutting the first piece...almost as exciting as cutting their wedding cake!




Ryan and Tiffany are pulling out the first piece...the suspense is building!


BLUE icing. It's a BOY!!


Now let's eat! Yumm!



We are thrilled to be grandparents to Delainey, daughter of our son Jay and his wife Koryn. Now Ryan and Tiffany are giving us a second grandson. Life is good!


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