We got a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a young man.  The question…”Can you hide an engagement ring in a cake?”  We had actually done this several years ago, so we explained what we had previously done. He thought our plan would work and he came to the store.

Matthew trustingly left the ring in our care for a few days. His girlfriend’s birthday was coming up shortly and he wanted to get her a birthday cake with the ring hidden inside.  He was taking his girlfriend and out for dinner and wanted to surprise her with the cake, ring, and proposal.






We began the process of burying the ring in the cake.  First, we wrapped the ring box in plastic wrap to protect it, cut  a section of the bottom layer of cake out and inserted the box in the cake, then iced over the ring box.


We marked the location of the ring on the cake board . Then we proceeded to decorate the cake.  We  told Matthew that we would place a single large pink rose over the ring box so he would know where it was located.

We then proceded to finish decorating the cake and eagerly awaited Matthew’s arrival!

Matthew came to the shop to pick up the cake.  We explained very carefully how to cut the cake to insure he got the ring box on the first cut.  Then we asked if we could take his picture with the cake .  He readily agreed.  After explaining that we wanted to put his story on our blog, he also agreed to get us photos of the big event.  Matthew shared that there was another couple going out to dinner with them and Matthew would enlist his friend’s help in capturing the moment.  We wished him well and told him we hoped for a “Yes” answer and off he went with his cake and ring!

They all arrived at the restaurant and enjoyed the birthday dinner.  Then it was time to present Arianna with her birthday cake. Little did she know that the evening held more than a birthday celebration!

Matthew did a great job of cutting the first piece, and what should appear…a ring box!


Matthew did the noble thing and got down on one knee right there in the restaurant and asked Arianna to become his wife.

Evidently she said, “YES!”

Now Matthew could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening!  He and Arianna ate their cake while Arianna happily showed off her ring!


We at Classic Cakes wish Matt and Arianna a joyous, happy life together! Congratulations and keep those surprises coming!

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