Add a Groom’s Cake to Your Wedding Day Festivities


One of our favorite wedding traditions has made a comeback in recent years and we at Classic Cakes couldn’t be more excited! The groom’s cake has its origins in the Victorian era, where slices were given to guests to take home at the end of the wedding celebration. Nowadays, the groom’s cake is a great way to provide your guests with some variety and give your fiancé a chance to participate in the cake making fun!

A delicate masterpiece that the bride has dreamed about for years, your wedding cake is intricately designed with layers of white flowers and ruffles. The groom’s cake is an opportunity for the groom to put his stamp on the wedding; a masculine and fun touch that will make everyone smile. When choosing your groom’s cake, anything goes! Whether you have a favorite sports team or a hobby you would like to highlight, there are many options to consider. From football to golf to zombies, we can make it all.

Whether you serve your groom’s cake with the wedding cake, at the rehearsal dinner or as a take-home treat, we recommend having some fun with the flavor. For instance, if you choose a classic white flavored wedding cake, try chocolate or a seasonal flavor for the groom’s cake. This way, both you and your significant other’s favorite flavors can be featured and your guests will have a couple delectable options to choose from!

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