Baby Shower Themed Cakes

post5When planning an event such as a baby shower a theme is so much more than color and gender. The theme is a message or reflection… think beyond pink and move over blue. Design your baby shower to reflect the unique qualities of your new or growing family. Tap into your dreams and expectations for your baby…what will your new baby bring to this world? Let your imagination run… and have fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Are you adding another pea to your pod? … there are so many fun things you can do to create a unique and fun baby shower. This theme is especially suited to vegetarians. Table wear and linens should accent the pea green neutral color which works well regardless of the gender of baby. Vegetable trays with sugar snap peas or snow peas should be place on every table. And, of course the cake would take the shape of a pea pod offering different cake flavors of each pea to celebrate the uniqueness of children.

An Alice in Wonderland theme is growing in popularity… you don’t want your baby to be late for her very important date… Myriad design options exist for party invitations and decorating possibilities are endless using the story’s characters. Of course you will be serving tea! Your biggest decision will be the design of the cake embellishments… or just give us creative license – we will not disappoint!

Story book themes are fun and easy to create wonderful complimentary menus and invitation. How about a brunch themed around the classic children’s book Bread and Jam for Frances? Your brunch buffet should include an array of savoring jams and breads. Homemade jams with specialty labels for the event make gracious thank you gifts for your guests. And, of course Mommy’s favorite jam will serve as a scrumptious cake filling.

The arrival of a new baby is as much about parenting as it is about the baby. The baby’s birth marks the beginning of motherhood – so why not select a theme that celebrates the Mommy-to-be? A spa themed shower can be a wonderful event for Mommy and guests. The shower can be held at a spa or any venue can be easily converted to a spa-like environment. Use scented candles in Sandalwood or lavender, a tabletop water fountain makes an excellent centerpiece and the sound of trickling water adds to the ambiance. Add soothing music such as Nada Himalaya and offer a menu that includes cucumber infused water, a fruit bowl and light sandwiches. The cake can compliment many elements in design including a fountain and flavorings and fruit fillings will bring it all together.

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