Big Anniversary? Special Valentine’s Day? Get a Custom Cake!

One of the best symbols of any celebration is the cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, romantic holidays and just-because days deserve some sweetness from a delicious and beautiful cake.

Cakes for AnniversariesYou can purchase a standard cake at any bakery, but it will probably lack the pizazz and style of a customized cake. Creativity comes in a variety of forms, not just in paintings, sculptures and the like. Creativity in art comes in an edible form, too, and the stunning cake creations offered by Classic Cakes are a true display of amazing creativity. Our cakes are made to order and are tailored to the customer’s needs, making them perfect for any celebratory evening, especially with one of the most romantic of holidays lurking just around the corner: Valentine’s Day.

Whether you plan to spend the time celebrating a momentous occasion in the quiet of home or a luxurious hotel, be sure to have that slice of heaven from a scrumptious and stunning cake to say “Happy Anniversary,” “I Love You,” or any other sweet sentiment. With an array of flavors, styles, sizes, design elements and more, Classic Cakes has all you need to customize a truly remarkable and delicious cake.

Our flavor choices consist of the traditional tastes – chocolate, white, yellow and marble – but to spice things up a bit, we also offer other flavors like caramel, red velvet, almond pound, mandarin orange, strawberry, peppermint, coconut, pink champagne, lemon lavender … the list goes on and on! If you really want to get creative and unique with the tasting ability of your cake, we also have an impressive selection of deluxe flavors of apple spice, pineapple, pistachio, hazelnut and more.

Just because you’ve picked a flavor, doesn’t mean the taste stops there. You can also choose a yummy filling to add even more decadence and delight to your special cake. The filling is the hidden jewel of the cake – the surprising delicious element you weren’t expecting at all. There are 15 filling flavors available, ranging from caramel to cherry and chocolate mousse and raspberry.

From our most heavily decorated and designed cakes to our standard cakes, we always strive to ensure the cake is plump and fluffy, the frosting is smooth and elegant and that it offers a culinary experience that is worlds beyond what the supermarket bakery offers. For Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, a big birthday or any occasion, let the Classic Cakes team bake a special cake for you!

Check out just a few of the previous work that we’ve done in our online gallery, or give us a call at 317-844-6901 to discuss your unique cake today.

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