Trending Wedding Cakes with Summer in Full Swing

Trending Wedding Cakes with Summer in Full Swing

It is finally wedding season: blushing brides and good-looking grooms anxiously await their big day, spending every free moment perfecting all the details.

One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is choosing the wedding cake which serves as an artistic and memorable centerpiece of the reception.

Back in December, we predicted the popular 2018 wedding cake trends; now that the 20108 wedding season is in full swing, we want to highlight some of the new ideas we are drooling over.

Drip Wedding Cakes

Colorful drips on an all-white wedding cake or fancy white drips on an all-color wedding cake: drip cakes make a stunningly simple option. Brides are choosing this elegant touch to add dimension and flair to their otherwise basic wedding cakes. Selecting a drizzle in a new flavor gives you the chance to sweeten up the inside and outside of the cake in different ways. Subtle decorations such as berries or fruits make these cakes adorable and delicious.

Hand-painted Wedding Cakes

Think gorgeous works of art that are as beautiful and delicious to look at as they are to eat: hand-painted wedding cakes. This wedding cake trend is the best way to present something truly unique to wow guests at the reception. Hand-painted flowers and artistic designs in vibrant colors look immaculate against a stark white cake. Infusing hand-made elements into a wedding cake gives your wedding a spectacular one-of-a-kind touch.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Newlyweds go crazy for metallic wedding cakes in beautiful rose golds, coppers, and silvers. Adding some bling and shimmer to a wedding cake gives it that much-needed special touch to enhance your wedding décor. Popular in 2017, the trend has come back stronger than ever with new combinations of designs and flavors. Metallics mixed used as accents on all-black cakes prove especially popular this year.

Black Wedding Cakes

Months later, black wedding cakes are still trending as one of the most popular styles of modern-day wedding cakes. This edgy and bold move in cake choice is perfect for brides wanting to move away from the traditional white wedding cake. Stylish and trendy, black wedding cakes look gorgeous paired with metallic accents, frilly swirls, or bright florals, and offer a mysterious, more dramatic element to an otherwise classic wedding vibe.

Pick your favorite wedding cake trend and head over to Classic Cakes where we can bring these trending designs to life. Make your vision possible with a custom cake designed especially for your big day.

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