Cake Themes for Baby’s First Birthday

Cake Themes for Baby’s First Birthday

Planning your child’s first birthday party can be a challenge. It doesn’t take much to keep a one-year-old entertained; but what about the adults? Well, that’s what cake is for. Great dessert keeps stomachs full and smiles plenty.

Here are some cake themes and flavor ideas for baby’s first birthday that will leave a delicious taste in both baby’s mouth and yours.

Frozen the Movie  

One of the biggest animated movie hits of the past few years is Disney’s Frozen. If your one-year-old likes to watch movies, then they’ve probably seen this one. They might be a little too young to understand what’s going on with the plot, but the movie is a favorite for kids of all ages, and would make a perfect first birthday cake. You can make the theme a little more subtle by using a blue and white frosting theme, and planting a fondant Olaf on top. We’d go with peppermint filling and chocolate cake for this theme.

Classic and Simple 

You can always pick out a few pastel colors and opt for a classic tiered cake with a big number 1 on top. Stick to classic flavors with this cake; go with chocolate and vanilla alternating tiers, and a simple but delicious cream cheese filling.

Into the Jungle

Did you paint jungle animals onto the walls of your baby’s nursery? If so, carry that theme into their first birthday cake! The cake can have a sandy safari colored fondant or frosting, with jungle animals like elephants and tigers either painted on, or created out of fondant. Choose more exotic flavors for this cake, like Mandarin orange with chocolate frosting.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Who doesn’t love Minnie and Mickey on a one-year-old’s birthday cake? Stick Minnie and Mickey toppers on the cake, or go with a simpler red and white theme with mouse ears. You can choose your favorite flavor, but we like chocolate with raspberry filling for this cake.

Old MacDonald

We bet your child has a book called On the Farm! Model their first birthday after those iconic books, and go with an Old MacDonald theme. Your cake tiers can be red like the barn, and each tier can feature a different farm animal. Go crazy with red velvet cake and cream cheese filling.

Click here to view a full list of the flavors available here at Classic Cakes, and if you’re interested in ordering a cake for your one-year-old’s birthday party, take a look at our our gallery for inspiration and then give us a call at 317.844.6901.

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