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Fall Wedding Cakes

fall3Do you have an autumn wedding coming up? Are you planning one for the 2015 fall season? Classic Cakes has the talent that you need to create the perfect wedding cake. Our fall inspired cakes are gloriously decorated and bursting with flavor. Check out some of our tips for creating the perfect fall wedding cake below.

Use seasonal flavor combinations

The most popular flavor for wedding cakes is either vanilla or chocolate. While you can’t go wrong with either of these flavors, why would you want to limit yourself when there is so much potential for a unique cake experience? Guests will really appreciate a break from the standard white vanilla wedding cake. Take advantage of the seasonal flavors that embrace warmth and holiday spirit. At Classic Cakes, our unique fall flavors include apple, spice, hazelnut, mocha, pumpkin, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate truffle. All of these flavors are available all year long, but make for an especially festive fall wedding.

Combine Classic Flavors with Unique Fillings

Because we have such a wide variety of options available, you can pick and choose which flavor combinations will work best for your wedding. Our recommendations? We love chocolate cake with peppermint filling, or spice cake filled with our apple filling. Another great combination is the apple spice cake paired with the caramel filling. The juxtaposition of each cake paired with a festive filling is out of this world.

Use Fall Colors

To really hammer the message home, design your cake to feature some of the rich colors that autumn is famous for. Dark, warm colors like burgundy make for a great wedding cake. For a look at some of our past work, check out our gallery page. You’ll find tons of inspiration for your own cake!