Celebrate Labor Day with a Sweet Treat

Celebrate Labor Day with a Sweet Treat


Many people celebrate the end of summer with a Labor Day party, where they fire up the grill and enjoy the company of loved ones before hectic schedules start back up.

If you’re planning on hosting a Labor Day picnic, consider serving a themed cake for dessert that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Labor Day, celebrated the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement, and is dedicated to the many achievements of American workers. Many people get the day off of work, and it typically signifies the “last celebration of summer” for many families.

American themed cakes are a popular choice for Labor Day celebrations. Here are some trending ideas to get you started!

Commit to Red, White and Blue

The best way to celebrate hard-working Americans: a red, white, and blue sheet cake. A sheet cake can serve a large amount of people and it’s easy to cut up and handout. Plus, a sheet cake can provide a great space for an American flag. You can get creative with the flavors while sticking to the class “Labor Day” colors.

Tiered Cake with Flavor

If you’re going all out, or having a more elegant end of the summer celebration, consider going with a tiered cake. You can go with red, white, and blue in any design from polka dots to stripes. Add a little something extra with red white and blue sprinkles or fondant stars. Choose a flavored cake that will still speak to summertime such as lemon cake or raspberry filling.

Unique Themed Design

If you want to have a cake that goes above and beyond the standard red, white and blue colored theme, consider going with a unique design instead. From a cake decorated with small fireworks or a cake shaped as a picnic cheeseburger, the options are endless!

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