Celebrate Your Sweetheart with a Sweet Dessert

When you think Valentine’s Day, you may have flowers and a box of chocolates come to mind, but you can really surprise your sweetheart this year with something extra special – a sweet dessert cake from Classic Cakes!

Valentine's Day CakeCelebrate Valentine’s Day with a Custom Cake

Here at Classic Cakes, we offer a number of gorgeous and delicious Valentine’s Day cakes, perfect for celebrating the day of love. They can be heart-shaped in any pattern of pink, red and white, or we can make a more customized cake design that looks exactly like those Valentine’s Day hard candies. Whether your partner is a chocolate lover or prefers vanilla, we have tons of options to choose from, and can bake a cake that will make the end of the night extra special.

Sneak the cake into the fridge to share with your love after your date at your favorite restaurant, or serve it as the last course in a delicious homemade dinner. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting out, skip the drugstore candies and flowers, and take the extra time to say “I love you” this year on Valentine’s Day with a one-of-a-kind cake.

Recreate Your Wedding Cake

If you’re celebrating a big anniversary this year, do something extraordinary by re-creating your wedding cake for your Valentine’s Day date. If you provide us with pictures of your cake and your desired flavors, Classic Cakes can make a replica version that is sure to impress your partner and bring back loving memories of the special day you joined together in marriage.

Speaking of flavors, check out our list of available cake flavors, icings and fillings – we really do have it all! From the classic white, chocolate and marble to unique tastes of almond, caramel and coconut – plus truly exotic tastes like lavender, peppermint and pink champagne – we’ve got anything you could imagine! You definitely won’t be able to get that at a restaurant!

Check out our cake gallery to see some of our favorite cakes or order your custom Valentine’s Day cake today by calling us at 317-844-6901.

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