Celebrate the Tradition of First Communion

For many Catholic and Christian families, the Easter celebration is a very significant time of year. It also happens to coincide with the First Communion season for many families when sons and daughters mark one of the first educational milestones of their lives in the church.

First Communion CakeFor a young child, the First Holy Communion is a very special time. First Communion is a rite of passage in a child’s religious life and is one of three Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church. In many Catholic and Christian faiths, this moment marks the first time a child receives the Eucharist, as The Catholic Company notes.

Since celebrations of Easter and First Holy Communion bring family and friends together, a gathering is typically planned. For parents, there is much preparation involved in honoring their child who is making their First Communion. From the outfit for the First Communion itself, to sending invitations to guests and preparing a gathering afterwards, there is much to do during your child’s First Communion.

Of course, you’ll want plenty of food to share for the celebratory party, decorations to highlight the occasion and a cake, of course.

Cakes hold a pretty big role in any celebration. From weddings and graduations to birthday parties and religious ceremonies, a cake captures the moment and has a way of bringing people together. Plus, the decoration of a cake can help highlight the significance of the celebration and make it an extra-special – and extra-tasty – treat.

At Classic Cakes, we specialize in customized cakes for many occasions. You can choose your own size, flavor combination, colors and décor for the cake design. We have designed many religious-themed cakes over the years and we delight in bringing a parent’s vision of the perfect First Communion celebratory cake together.

Working closely with our clients, we take you step by step through the design phase and we have a variety of crosses and other religious-themed ideas available for you to choose from.

Our team of dedicated and experienced designers and bakers like to give each cake the time it takes to create a beautiful cake, so if you have an upcoming First Communion, let us know so we can get started on planning the perfect cake for your celebration. Give us a call at 317-844-6901 today.

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