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   Have you been dreaming of opening your own bakery? Do you already own a small business in the food service industry & feel like your business is running your life? Are you thinking about succession planning?

   After years of entrepreneurship & mentoring I have decided to make it official & became a certified business coach. I am so excited for this opportunity to connect with talented people & add value to their lives.

   This is not a get rich quick magic 5 step program. This is a judgement free relationship where we come together 100% focused on you & your goals. This is about equipping you with the tools & resources you need to build a sustainably profitable business.

   My job is to equip you & give you accountability. You will have to put work in daily to create incremental change. 

If this sounds right for you, I would love to schedule a time to talk to you about your business & goals!   


Check out my coaching business here: 


Looking forward to working with you! 

-Megan Ritz,

 Cake Curator, CEO of Classic Cakes

Certified Business Coach, Life According to Food

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