We did a cake for Dianne’s quinceanera April 28, 2012.  A quinceanera is a celebration observed in many Latin countries marking the emergence of a girl into womanhood on her 15th birthday.  It combines a religious service and a big party and certain traditions are honored.

The honored young lady has a court made up of her best friends and relatives. She wears a beautiful ball gown and a tiara.

When I delivered the cakes, Dianne and her court were coming into the ballroom at The Sheraton to get ready for the party.  They were practicing the steps to a waltz that they would be participating in as part of the festivities. It was fun to watch the young folks having a good time and working hard to make their friend’s party a success.

The room was beautifully decorated with yellow and orange linens and flowers.  The fellows wore black tuxes with orange vests.  The young ladies in the court wore yellow dresses.  The only green color in the room was lovely Dianne in her stunning lime green ballgown.  She was kind enough to pause and pose for a picture.

Join me and take a peek inside Dianna’s quinceanera party!

The Classic Cakes van pulls up to the entrance of the hotel to deliver the cakes.
The party was at The Sheraton at Keystone at the Crossing.



It was not hard to find the the top of the escalator.


The entrance into the Grand Ballroom.


A picture poster of Dianne welcomed the guests to the party.


The beautifully dressed tables awaiting the guests.



The head table for Dianne and her court.



The star of the party, Dianne, in her fabulous lime green ballgown!



The colorful cake on the cake table.


A closeup of the large cake.


One of the satellite cakes.



The second side cake with a sparkly 15 on top.



The last side cake. All the cakes were decorated by Liz. Great job Liz. Dianne loved them!


I hope you enjoyed this peek into Dianne’s quinceanera party.  Thanks for letting us share Dianne!






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