Congratulations Cupcakes and Cake Ideas for Graduation Season

Congratulations Cupcakes and Cake Ideas for Graduation Season

Your college graduation is an important milestone and we think all milestones should be celebrated with desserts, because, who doesn’t love to indulge every so often?

We’ve compiled some fun congratulations cupcake and cake ideas for the occasion to make your college grad’s day special.

A Cap and Diploma Cake to Celebrate Scholarly Achievements Congratulations Cupcakes and Cake Ideas for Graduation Season

An expected but classic route, a standard cake or set of cupcakes can be adorned with a cap and diploma made of fondant. Use your school colors and maybe even add in some cords and tassels if they graduated with honors. A yummy vanilla frosting is the perfect canvas for the edible graduation year and decorations which will be added on top.

A Compass Cake to Show Them the Path to Success

After college, your grad is left with free reign to decide where to go next. A cake that is adorned with a compass is both out-of-the-box and shows them that their adventure is only about to begin. Of course, it also reminds them that home, their north star, will always be there, regardless of where life takes them!

Multiple Cupcake Flavors to Express the Many Possibilities

College is a time where students can try their hand at many different sports, hobbies, and academic interests. Show the versatility of your grad by ordering a range of cupcake flavors or even a cake with several different types of fillings like strawberry or mocha. Edible letter adornments that spell their name add a personalized touch, special just for them.

A School Spirit Cake Displaying their Alma Mater

Pay homage to the school’s mascot by adorning your cake with its image! If your grad is full of school spirit, they will love seeing their mascot as a part of their graduation celebration, and they will be able to preserve their school memories as they embark on a new life phase!

Browse our custom graduation cakes gallery, then give us a call today at 317-844-6901 to discuss design ideas with us!

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