Decorating Your Wedding Cake Knife Set

A wedding is like a mosaic work of art; each tiny piece is crucial, and adds to the bigger picture. From the napkin greetings to the personalized stemware, each small embellishment makes a wedding a perfect, romantic setting.

One of the tiniest parts of the wedding is the knife that the bride and groom use to cut the cake; it’s also very important to the mood of the wedding.

Regardless of the theme, almost all wedding photographs include before, during, and after shots of the bride and groom cutting the cake. Decorating the cake knife is common, because it’s sentimental and it adds to the romance of the photo.

Ideas for Decorating Your Cake Knife

  • Consider ribbons that are the same color as your wedding scene. At the end of the ribbon, you could tie a charm or a symbol that represents your relationship as a couple.
  • If you have a spring or floral theme, weave a ring of flowers around the handle of the knife. Use either fake or real flowers, and tie the stems around the knife in intricate and attractive patterns.
  • For a traditional wedding, use a small white ribbon, with the couple’s name printed on it, and tie classy, small bells to the bottom.
  • A popular and elegant option is to take the knife to an engraver. Many couples will add their new married name, along with a short message or sentiment.

Your options are almost limitless; just remember to keep the cake knife’s design aligned with the theme of the wedding.

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