Egg Free Menu

We have worked hard to develop an egg free menu that has a beautiful cake texture and delicious flavors. Our goal is to offer cakes delicious enough for you to proudly serve everyone at your party! 

Cake Flavors


Chocolate Peppermint

Dark Raspberry


Caramel Cream

*Chocolate Truffle Ganache

*Cream Cheese

Coconut Cream

Cookie Dough

*Cookies n' Cream

Gooey Caramel


Mocha Cream

Peanut Butter

Peppermint Cream

*Raspberry Compote

Raspberry Buttercream

*Raspberry Cream Cheese

Strawberry Compote


Icing choice may limit design options.


*Chocolate Buttercream

*Cream Cheese

Caramel Cream

Cookies n' Cream

Mocha Cream

Peanut Butter Cream

Peppermint Cream

*Raspberry Buttercream


We cannot do Gumpaste & Meringue decorations.

Allergy Friendly & Dietary Restriction Options

*We are not an egg free facility. Learn More.