Five Great Summertime Cake Trends

Wedding cake trends tend to shift from year to year, especially when it comes to seasonal themes like floral for spring and summer and more autumnal tones for fall and winter. This summer, we’re seeing some really fun and different trends in wedding cakes. Check five of our favorites from The Huffington Post below!

Tall CakesTall Cakes

Tall wedding cakes are made with several different tiers, and are sure to catch your guests’ eyes at the reception. Decorating your reception hall with flowers and beautifully colored linens is important, but your cake will be the centerpiece of the evening! Whether you’re going for a simple and classic style, like our four-tiered cakes with decorative flowers, or a more intricate cake, like this one with different patterns and colors, tall is most definitely in.

Rustic (Naked) Cakes

“Naked”-style cakes refer to cakes that are made without a top layer of fondant icing. This style is great for people who prefer a more rustic and simple style. With a naked cake, you’ll be able to see each layer of cake, making this a great style for couples who want to show off a bunch of different flavored layers or who are planning a rustic-themed ceremony or reception.


Texture is also trending. Whether you create texture from beautiful large flowers or intricate and delicate icing designs, adding texture to your cake gives it something extra. A well-textured cake will be a showpiece to display in your reception hall, for sure.


Lots of couples are also opting to skip the formal traditional cake in favor of cupcakes! Not only do you have a lot more flavor options with cupcakes (you can choose from our extensive list of flavors to mix and match your favorites), guests won’t have to wait for the cake to be cut to be served!

Baroque Style

For a more opulent theme, check out the up-and-coming baroque cake style. These cakes, like this one with red frosting and gold decoration, are the height of decadence, with royal colors and metallic splashes, elegant flavors and ornate designs. For a fancy black-tie wedding, you can’t go wrong with a baroque-inspired cake.

These are only five of the trends that we’ve noticed on the wedding circuit this summer, and our cake specialists have so much more to offer. If you like one of these styles and want to speak with a consultant about ordering your wedding cake, or if you have any questions, call Classic Cakes today at 317-844-6901.

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