Five Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake holds a very special purpose for a wedding – beyond getting your new spouse a little messy with the ceremonial first bite! The cake is symbolic of the new life you have just entered and the love shared between you and your close friends and family there to celebrate the grand occasion.

Wedding CakesAs each year passes, the wedding cake evolves, resulting in new and unique creations for those brides and grooms not being afraid to think outside of the box and choose a more contemporary cake style. At Classic Cakes, we specialize in bringing your dream of the perfect wedding cake to life and since your wedding cake vision is our priority, we can go very traditional or as modern as you’d like. Here are a few creative ideas to consider for your wedding cake design.

Pops of Bright Colors

Traditional wedding cakes tend to be off white or white with pink accents. However, brides today are getting much more colorful with designing their cakes. For example, brides are going with neon blues, rustic orange, fuchsia, gray and deep greens. Match your cake to your wedding colors and try something bold and original.

Personalized Touches

Another way to dress up your cake is to add personal accents to the design. For example, if you and your spouse are nature lovers, fondant leaves and greenery on your cake can incorporate your passion into its design. Make your cake even more special by adding subtle or bold design elements that reflect your interests.

Bold Flavors and Fun Fillings

Ever had a wedding cake with a filling or in a flavor other than the traditional white, yellow or chocolate? Classic Cakes has a wide variety of cake flavors and fillings so that you can step outside the traditional mold. Our custom and deluxe flavor options include lemon orange almond, chocolate peppermint, apple spice, key lime and many more. Take your cake a step further by adding a filling flavor like cherry, hazelnut, white chocolate mousse or any of our dozen additional filling choices.

Flourishes and Accents

Adding an accent to your cake is a popular choice that gives you a wide range of customization. Whether you want to add something like fresh fruit on top or a bow or ribbon to dress up the cake, we can add these accents to add dimension and flair. We can also combine your accents with a sense of personalization, adding custom colors or monogramming your new initials on the cake.

Asymmetrical Shapes

Ideally no one gets bent out of shape at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean your cake design can’t be atypically shaped! While round and square may be the traditional designs, it hasn’t been hip to be square since Huey Lewis and the News made it so in 1986. Today’s cakes can be shaped to look like a stack of presents, contoured into a unique design or made in nearly any shape or style you imagine. Don’t let simple shapes define your cake – think outside the box!

As wedding cake specialists, Classic Cakes has a wide variety of cake tastes and designs to help you create the perfect option for your special day. Take a look at some of the past wedding cakes we’ve made then sit down with us and discuss your ideas and options to come up with a cake design that’s just right for your wedding. Get started by calling us today at 317-844-6901.

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