Get a Good Grade at Your Grad Party

The best part about planning a graduation party is picking out the cake! A graduation cake can implement a number of design elements, from the classic cap and scroll, to celebrating the school that the graduate is leaving, to announcing future plans – or any combination of the three! Here are some cool graduation cake trends that we expect to throughout the 2016 graduation season.

Graduation Themed CakesFuture and Past

You may think that a graduation cake needs to incorporate the classic elements of the cap and scroll, but many graduates these days are opting to celebrate the school that they are leaving with a nod to the future. If a student is graduating from one school and heading to college or graduate school at another, their cake could incorporate the colors of both schools in a way that celebrates both the past and the future. If a student is graduating and plans to take a job in the coming months, the cake could announce his future plans. For example, a student who received his master’s degree and plans to become a teacher might have a cake that features the colors of his new school with a chalkboard or ruler on top.

Interesting Layers

We won’t be making simple, rounded cakes with a few layers this season – the graduates are going to mix it up! A cake with a round base and a square topper is fun and different, and sure to be a crowd pleaser. We’ve even done octagon shapes mixed with squares and circles!

Simple, Fun Designs

A graduation cake doesn’t have to feature only the colors of the graduate’s school. Since it’s a happy and care-free occasion, why not celebrate with a funky cake with tie-die colors or crazy fondant decorations? The sky is the limit – both for the recent grad and their cake.

If you’re ready to pick out the cake for your upcoming graduation party, check out the list of flavor options we have available. Our talented bakers will chat with you to come up with some designs that will truly blow your guests away, and taste great! Contact Classic Cakes today by calling 317-844-6901 or stop in and see us on 116th Street in Carmel.

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