Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party: Great Cake Themes


Looking back on your birthday parties as a child, what was your favorite part? Many people remember the decorations, the presents and of course, the cake! There are so many great children’s birthday ideas out there, and many amazing cake designs to choose from to match your party theme. Follow this guide to choose the right theme for your party and a custom cake to match that all the kids will love!

Choose the Theme

Before ordering a cake for your child’s birthday party, you need a theme! When choosing a theme for your child’s birthday party, let them take part in the decision making process. Take cues from your child’s favorite TV shows and movies, as well as their favorite toys and games. Young children will love a party based around their favorite cartoon character or hobby. Some great themes for young children include dinosaurs, princesses or zoo animals!

For older kids, try to base the theme on something they love to do. Whether they are into sports, movies, mysteries, science or more, there are plenty of great games and activities to incorporate into their party!

Castle Themed Birthday Cake

The Perfect Cake

Once you choose your theme, decide on a cake decoration. Here at Classic Cakes, there is no limit to what can be made! Whether you are looking or a cake in the theme of your child’s favorite movie or one in the shape of a castle, we can make it! Designing a cake for your child’s birthday is the fun part, but choosing a flavor can be more difficult.

When deciding on cake flavoring for a kid birthday party, keep it simple. Marble cake is great, since it incorporates both chocolate and vanilla flavorings. White cake is another easy choice if you are worried about picky eaters.

Dorothy Themed Cake

Please remember that all cartoons, books, movies and toys are copyrighted. Because of this, we cannot duplicate them in cake or icing. Instead, we ask customers to purchase toy characters to be placed upon the cake scene we build. For more information about Classic Cakes and the assortment of flavors and styles we offer, call us at 317-844-6901 today!

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