Alternatives to Common Wedding Cake Traditions

alternativeSo, your big day has arrived and you’re looking forward to all that comes with planning the big event. You’re hoping your ceremony goes off without a hitch, and that everyone has a great time at the reception. However, you might feel a bit hesitant about following the traditional wedding cake constructs, as many brides and grooms do. Fortunately, traditions are traditions and not requirements. No wedding laws exist to prohibit you from taking alternative routes. Check out the following ideas on switching up what you do for your cake cutting.

Traditional Wedding Cake Celebrations and Alternatives to Cake Feeding

You’ve been to weddings before. You’ve sat through the ceremony and reception. One of the aspects that may stick out in your mind is the cutting of the cake. You may remember that, at times, this can seem more like a cake-slinging war zone than a lovely and meaningful moment. Clothes can get icing all over them, and in some cases, the bride’s dress looked as if it is an actual part of the cake.

After experiencing this, you might realize that you don’t want to shove cake into your partner’s face. You want to make this an enjoyable and romantic moment and that is perfectly fine. Simply cut the cake, take a piece and gently lift it to your partner’s mouth, allowing them to take a bite. With this method, there’s no mess, while sticking to tradition.

However, depending on your comfort level, you might prefer to ditch the feeding all together. You may not feel comfortable feeding your partner in front of a large group. It is a little bit odd if you stop to think about it. It is completely acceptable to simply cut the cake and skip the rest that usually goes along with it. After all, this is your wedding. There are no wedding regimens to follow; it’s about what is meaningful and memorable to you.

You may choose to stick with the traditional feeding-of-the-wedding-cake-to-your-partner aspect. Just remember, though, that there other alternatives as listed above. It is your decision. Do what will make you and your partner happy because, in the end, that’s all that truly matters.

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