Lucky Teacher!

We have a customer, Jennifer, who has ordered dozens of cakes from us for many occasions. One thing she does is order a very special cake for her children’s teachers on their birthday.  She finds out the teachers hobbies and interests, passes the information on to us, and lets us create a wonderful cake.

I was not at the shop the week this cake was created.  When I got back to the store, I was looking through the photos of some of the cakes that had been ordered while I was gone.  I came across the photos of this cake.  Most of the time we just take a picture of the final product, but sometimes we get photos of the work in progress. Here are some photos of the cake as it was reaching the final stage.

When I saw this photo, I thought, wow, I really like the flowers on this cake.  I love how they have shading and two-tone in them.

Then I saw this photo.  Oh, I really like the shape and set up of this cake.  I like the clusters of flowers on the sides of the oval and then it looks like Sarah is adding a cluster of flowers on the top to match.

When this photo came up next I thought,”I really love the little pearls and beading worked into the design of this cake.  It is so feminine and beautiful.  The intricate border is so neat andI love the shades of pink in the design and how it all works together.”

Then I saw this photo and immediately called for Sarah to come to my office. 
She is the one who takes the majority of our photos and I really wanted to know the story of this cake!

So,what would you think if you saw this ultra feminine cake with a football on top?

I learned that this was a cake that Jennifer had ordered for a teacher..  The teacher LOVED pink and her hobby is playing flag football! So, this is the cake the teacher received for her birthday!

                                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

                                                       Cool cake Sarah!


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