Military Police Ball Cake 2011

One of our employees’s, Liz Thompson, is a former member of the Army Reserve. She is married to Micheal Thompson, who is a career man in the National Guard. The Military Police hold an annual ball each year to celebrate their dedication and hard work. Liz approached me and asked if together we could donate a cake for the event. Classic Cakes agreed to provide the materials and Liz donated the labor to design, decorate, and deliver the cake.

Classic Cakes is a custom cake shop that can take one’s theme and turn it into an edible work of art that personalizes an event. Liz designed this cake to reflect things that are very important to a National Guard Military policeman. On the cake is the military police regimental crest that they wear on their uniform. There are dog tags to reflect their personal identity. The American flag is draped over the cake to reflect the country they proudly defend and protect. The crossed pistols are a symbol for the military police. The top layer looks like their Class A dress uniform, along with the ribbon rack. The MP patch is worn on their Army Combat uniform. All the details on this cake are a combination of buttercream icing, rolled fondant, and gumpaste.

We are proud of Liz’s hard work on this cake and we are proud of the men and women who serve our great nation so faithfully!

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