It’s National Chocolate Cake Day!


The evolution of the “chocolate cake” is an interesting one with the most historically annotated account assembled by The Food Timeline. Initially, chocolate cake was a reference to cake that didn’t even include chocolate as an ingredient, rather it was cake consumed with a chocolate beverage. Later, yellow or spiced cakes were iced with a chocolate glaze. The first recorded reference to a chocolate cake as we know it today was contained in a 1779 letter from a French prisoner to his wife directing her to make a cake that was “chocolate inside” and “iced everywhere, on the sides and underneath”.

Today, cakes have grown in size, shape and ingredients and known culturally in many different forms from vegan to flourless, black forest to Genoise and cheese cake to molten lava. Chocolate lover’s rejoice over the ultimate chocolate cake with moist layers sandwiching a chocolate butter crème` or panache` covered in yet another sugary confection of chocolate icing and then sprinkled with shavings of yet more rich chocolate.

For those chocolate connoisseurs, a box mix just will not do. Celebrate the day by indulging in the very best chocolate cake in Indiana.

Choose the original chocolate flavored cake or mix it up with chocolaty flavors like fudge or chocolate chip. The best part is choosing the filling! Almost any flavor pairs well with a chocolate cake; but we love to play with caramel, chocolate truffle, coconut, hazelnut, raspberry, or even peppermint. There are hundreds of cake and flavor combinations that will indulge any chocoholic’s palate.


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