How do I order a wedding cake?


There are lots of things to worry about when planning your wedding day. Your cake shouldn’t be one of them. When you are in the hands of a trusted baker, you’ll know it. Every need will be taken care of and every question will have an answer. Whether you want something traditional or you’re planning for a unique wedding cake, your baker will be able to accommodate your vision.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about your wedding cake:


When to order your wedding cake:

The date you should order your wedding cake will depend on a few factors. If your wedding is during one of the busier wedding months, you’ll want to order it six months in advance. If you’ve planned your wedding for one of the off months (fall or winter) you will be safe ordering three months or more ahead of time.


What style wedding cake should I choose?

The most popular wedding cake styles today involve three tiers of cake covered in decadent white frosting. Sometimes brides choose to accent their cake in flowers or ribbons, but the choice is up to you! The best thing you can do is to ask your baker to design a wedding cake around the rest of your décor.


How many tiers should a wedding cake have?

Traditional weddings cakes have two layers, but today we create cakes with as many layers as you need (usually up to four). The number of tiers in your cake will also depend on how many guests you have in attendance. While you don’t need an exact figure, coming to us with an estimate will help us give you the best advice on how many tiers your cake should be.


What should I bring to my cake tasting?

Your cake tasting a perfect opportunity for us to discuss flavors, frostings, designs, and (the best part) for you to taste the cake. It helps us as cake designers if you bring along some photos or samples from your wedding décor. Maybe you have some sample flowers or fabrics. These are perfect.


What is the groom’s cake and do I need one?

The groom’s cake is traditionally a cake that is designed by the bride as a “gift” to the groom. It will usually be themed towards one of his unique interests (golf, video games, hunting, etc.). Usually the groom’s cake is cut and divided into small boxes and given to guests when they leave the reception.

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