Pizazz on your cake—use dimension!

Do you want to have a cake that stands above the norm?  Do you watch the cake shows on television and wish you could get a similar custom cake without driving to the coast? 
Think about putting some dimension in your cake. It adds such flair! Adding  2-D designs to your cake are less expensive then 3-D designs.  Our decorators can give you suggestions on ways to utilize dimension in your cake and advice on what works best.

Let me show you a cake we did for a local fire department that took advantage of both 2-D and 3-D design work and explain the difference.

The most obvious 3-D element on this cake is the building on the top.  A 3-D image is one that you can see the front, back and sides. It “stands up” and you can “walk” all around the item and see it. Some of the other 3-D elements are the fireman’s ladder and the fire hose.

A 2-D piece is one that is flat, you can only see the “front,” but it is cut out in the shape of the object. Some of the 2-D items on this cake are the firemen and the flames on the building. The flames, when they are all placed together, give the image of a 3-D view. If shading and highlights are used on a 2-D item, it can almost have the look of a 3-D image.  The firemen are holding a 3-D hose, but it does not look like the mixed designs are out of place.

Here are some 3-D sugar items added to a cake:

The lady scientist, gorillas, palm trees, and some of the leaves are 3-D. 

In this cake, the giraffe is done in 2-D.

On this cake the lion is 3-D.

Let us help you design a very special cake with pizazz for your next party!

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