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2020 Color of the Year

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Author: Megan Ritz

Every year Pantone releases a Color of the Year. This color often takes off as a popular wedding color, seen in florals, linens, dresses, and even cakes.

For 2020, the color is Classic Blue.

We jumped over to our beloved Pinterest & started pulling together color palettes that we think will be amazing with this misleadingly boring color.

This classic color is an awesome example of a neutral color that can look stunning in many different palettes. It can be simple and clean or bold and ornate. It pairs wonderfully with metallics or pastels, heavily saturated colors or creams.

What are your favorites?

What colors do you want to see this paired with?

Which color palates are your favorite?

What other color combos would work with this color?

Comment below & share your opinion with us!

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