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Chocolate Work

Author: Sarah Miller

Chocolate– Need we say more?

24 years of business means we have collected quite the selection of chocolate molds. Footballs, baseballs, and basketballs are made hollow from 3D molds that require constant turning as the chocolate cools and hardens.

Chocolate molded Football

We make tools and golf clubs from solid pieces of chocolate.

White Chocolate Golf Clubs

And can freehand designs like snowflakes or filigrees from white chocolate.

White Chocolate piped Snowflakes

Some of the solid pieces, like golf clubs have a skewer inside them for structural support. They can still be eaten by breaking the chocolate off the stick. Hollow chocolate pieces, like footballs, can be tapped with a knife to crack into pieces to eat. Smaller design details, like snowflakes can simply be cut and served with the cake.

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