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Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

There’s a great divide among people. Cake vs. Icing.

Here’s a little insight into our icing…

“The Good Stuff”

Buttercream is by far our most popular option for cake icing. We make an American style Buttercream; mixing high ratio shortening, real butter, Madagascar vanilla & powdered sugar together. It is sweet, buttery & smooth.

It's a little ivory in color, not pure white, because of the real butter. It can be tinted to almost any color from the palest blush to a deep space black.

We ice every cake in buttercream, even if they get covered in fondant or ganache.

Buttercream artistry has one of the largest ranges of technical skills in cake decorating.

Buttercream Transfer done by hand piping

We can make it smooth or textured, depending on the look you want. It can be used to creating a drawn on scene, elaborate henna-inspired designs, string-work, realistic flowers, or a simple smear of color.

Vendor Credits:

Teal Watercolor Cake (top left) @jessicastricklandphotography

Homestyle Cake (bottom right) @stonekingphotography @blackirisestate @roseladyfloral


We make buttercream in massive batches weighing 74 pounds. During our busiest times we average 12 batches in a week. That’s 888 pounds of buttercream in just one week.

In 2018 we made 27,824 pounds of Buttercream.

If Buttercream is this awesome, why do we even need to use Fondant? Click here to find out why fondant is a decorator's best friend!

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