Why We Prefer Birthday Cake

Why We Prefer Birthday Cake

If your birthday or a loved one’s birthday is coming up, you may find yourself wondering: should I go for the traditional birthday cake or order a batch of cupcakes that seem to be gracing dessert tables more often?

Classic Cakes believes that a traditional cake is the absolute best option when it comes to ordering a birthday dessert.

Your birthday cake is all about you: pick out the flavors you want, write your name all over it in frosting, cover it with candles, and have the first slice while your friends watch you cut it up with jealousy. With cupcakes, you really don’t get the same experience!

Cupcakes are a bit less special than a big, beautiful, frosted birthday cake: they’re a little run of the mill, every day dessert. When it’s your birthday, you want to celebrate with something special.

Don’t get us wrong: we love cupcakes. We understand that for some events, they are a worthy opponent of the traditional cake. However, you only get one birthday a year and we believe it should be celebrated in a big way.

The frequent availability of cupcakes is what really makes them a bit inferior to cake when it comes to the perfect birthday dessert: birthdays are about celebrating something special, and having a large cake in front of you covered in candles is pretty special.

Plus, when it comes to cupcakes, you won’t be able to slice your one friend who’s always wants a teeny tiny piece, as requested: she’ll have to take a bite out of a cupcake and then waste the rest of it. Having cupcakes also means that you won’t be able to have a giant piece of cake: you’ll have to eat a bunch of separate cupcakes…it’s not the same!

Cupcakes are great, but cakes are the “must-have” birthday dessert. Click here to view our flavors here at Classic Cakes, and when you’re ready to order, call us at 317-844-6901.


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