Presents Under the Tree? Why Not on the Table?

A common scene associated with the holiday season is delicately wrapped presents sitting beneath a fully decorated and lit-up tree. Children and adults alike stare at this scene in anticipation, ready to grab those perfect boxes to see what lies underneath their flawless exteriors.

This year, instead of only piling presents underneath a tree, consider placing some on your table in the form of holiday cakes. Gift-shaped cakes are sure to impress this holiday season, and delight your guests with this one-of-a-kind holiday treat. Here are some ways to spice up your holiday baked goods with cakes shaped like presents.

The Cake

A gift-shaped cake fits in perfectly with the season. Similar to real presents, the shape of your cake can be anything you like. The traditional choice is to simulate a box with a square cake, but you can also try rectangles, hearts and more. To create a pile of gifts, simply stack multiple square cakes in different sizes and colors. Be careful as to how you stack the cakes, though – you don’t want your tasty creation to tip over! Done right, your guests won’t know whether to open the gifts on the table or under the tree!


Wrapping Paper

There are multiple ways to decorate your cake’s exterior to recreate the look of wrapping paper. One popular technique is to use ever-versatile fondant. Another option is sugar sheets, which come in all sorts of patterns and colors. Using regular icing is also an option – no limits exist here! Get creative and figure out a fun, unique way to decorate your gift cake. Maybe you would like to use M&M candies to create a polka dot effect, or maybe you want to blend in multiple colors of icing to create stripes. If you plan on stacking multiple cakes, decorate each in its own unique way to add depth and distinctly different looks for each “gift.”

Extra Elements

Complete your gift cake with a bow or two using fondant. This will really ensure your guests know your cake is supposed to look like a present, and provides an amazing look. If you were to simply apply icing to a square cake and add on a bow, your cake would pass as a gift. It all comes down to your own artistic styles and preferences in determining how intricate and detailed you want your gift cake creation to look! You could also add a gift tag on your cake to make it look even more realistic. Consider writing something like “To: The Johnson Family; From: Santa” or something similar to add another element to create the full holiday feel.

Of course, with so much happening during the holidays, you might not have time to make one of these great designs. Not to worry – Classic Cakes is there for you! Our team can create a tasty and life-like gift cake for your family to enjoy or as an unexpected gift for a friend or loved one. For more information, contact us today!

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