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Native Instruments Rammfire V1.1.0 - R2R [deepstatus] Setup Free [2022]




This is the first of a series of the amps I have on the table and one of the amps I used during the tour for the live shows. I have the B-Cab setup for this amp. I already had this amp previously and when I was recording it's previous version, I was doing a lot of work on the signal path and making sure that the gain/magnifier was perfect. It's now time to have fun! Music and Audio This is the new version of the amp, that was shipped with the kit after I was done with the previous version. Even the packaging is very classy and it's awesome seeing how much work you did for a brand new version! Here is the 1st preamp channel: And here is the 2nd preamp channel: The "r2r" version is R2R and was shipped from NI in December 2016. A detailed description of the new features that were added: Re-balanced voicing Vacuum and high-pass filter Damping and vacuum capacitor Silicon sealed casing RGB LED I have not updated the previous review, so the original review will be updated. The new version of the amp has a few new features that makes this new version different from the previous one. It's way more bass centric (thanks to the CV configuration on the preamps), it has a lot more gain/magnifier and I've been able to get a better preamp. There is also a slightly more audible noise floor when compared to the previous version. I have this setup on stage during the tour. There are a lot of details that I want to share and more than a quick review, but this is just a summary of what I would like to share and show my work. So here are some new features: Same voicing as the Rammstein version of the amp. The new 1st preamp channel is now a little more bass centric with more power to it and more gain and it sounds awesome! The new 2nd preamp channel is now balanced much like the Rammstein version. There is a more audible noise floor (depending on the setting) and the gain is slightly lower. The RF Gain on the preamps has been moved to the middle in the signal path (from the near left to




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Native Instruments Rammfire V1.1.0 - R2R [deepstatus] Setup Free [2022]

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