Re-Thinking Your Wedding Cake Topper

post7The wedding cake is one of the most important symbols of matrimony. Besides being glamorous and multi-tiered; they have the potential to become a creative and personal description of the bride and groom. But the cake isn’t just a decoration; they provide a functional and beautiful entertainment for the wedding guests.

The wedding cake topper has always been very traditional; a replica of sorts, of the bride and groom standing together at the altar. More couples today are re-thinking their wedding cake toppers- coming up with creative and imaginative alternatives. More and more brides and grooms would describe themselves as non-traditional in the sense that they want their wedding to be more of a reflection of themselves. The wedding cake and cake topper are the two best places to reflect the personality of the new couple

Here are a few unique ideas for wedding cake toppers that you and your guests will remember:

Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers or floral designs made of fondant icing are a wonderful way to top off your wedding cake. These floral arrangements can be as elaborate and detailed as you desire, or as lovely and simple, as a bouquet of your favorite roses. For some ideas, check out our gallery.


Couples’ Initials

Another hot trend in cake toppers is having the couples initials or some form of a last name ornament displayed on top of the cake in flowing cursive letter sculptures. To be creative, the initials or couples’ names can be made edible. The most common form though, is a piece that can be saved for years to come.


Go Vintage

Vintage is all the rage in fashion and collectibles these days so why not check out sites like Etsy and Pinterest for ideas and options for vintage cake toppers that match your personal style. If you like “shabby chic” or rustic decorations, there are many vintage cake toppers made of wood or recycled materials. These cake toppers make for a more casual and laid-back wedding vibe.


Create a Scene

No, not that kind of scene! We are not suggesting that you make a fool of yourselves at your own wedding; but you can create a scene as a cake topper. With traditional cake toppers being usually just the bride and groom standing and facing each other; many couples are thinking “way outside the box” and creating cake toppers that describe their relationship. If you are a sporty couple, why not have your doll likenesses riding bikes, or rollerblading. Think of the fun activities you both enjoy; or go with comedy, and have two dolls made that are attached to each other, and a ball and chain.


Your wedding is the time to really be who you are; not to please everyone else and live up to their expectations. Yes, love and commitment are very serious, but it will take a lot of humor, to get you through many of your wonderful years together.


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