Rustic Wedding Cakes

rusticIf you haven’t already noticed, the country chic wedding theme has taken the industry by storm. Between all of the do-it-yourselfers and the movements towards functional simplicity in all areas of life, the rustic wedding theme has remained a top choice for brides across the United States.

The great thing about a rustic inspired wedding is that it appeals to so many types of people: The bride who is simple, the country bride, the vintage bride. No matter which type of bride you are, the rustic inspired weddings are a naturally gorgeous way to tie together all of the elements in the wedding.

Along with the rustic wedding trend, has come an amazing array of rustic wedding cakes. These cakes are created with inspiration gathered from natural sources like trees, flowers, animals, and plants. The characteristics that of a rustic cake are that they are simple, yet elegant; needing no extra frills, but just allowing the simplistic beauty to shine through. Lots of times rustic wedding cakes are made to look like trees, or are decorated simply with white frosting and a dusting of simple, natural decorations.

So why are these rustic themes all the rage? We attribute it a great deal to the ease of the style. Often times if the setting is outdoors, you’ve got most of your decorations already available: trees, grass, blue sky… The rest is just details. The style appeals to many DIY’ers because just about anything can be created from recycled materials at a relatively low cost. It is easy to reuse items from other aspects of life (such as mason jars) as decorative materials for the wedding. In the end, once the decorations and the cake are in place, the whole look comes together almost magically.

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