Selecting Your Wedding Cake Flavor & Style

Our first blog post delivered tips and advice for selecting your wedding cake, and now it is time to dive a bit deeper into some of those decisions. One of the most difficult tasks you have is selecting a cake flavor that you love and that everyone will enjoy.

Your guests are spending a lot of time and money ensuring that your wedding is flawless, so thank them with delicious flavors, something that surpasses the ordinary.

Multiple Choices

Always consider how you plan to serve the cake, before offering a variety of choices. If you plan to serve a piece at each guests place, then consider only two flavors of cake, as it is less complicated to serve. If the cake servings are on a dessert table, in which guests go and select their own piece, then we believe that a multitude of flavors is ideal.

Taste the Fondant

Classic Cakes makes fondant in house, with white chocolate and it is delicious! However, all fondants have a chewy texture. Ask us for a sample of our fondant when considering whether you want to use it or not. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they sample ours.


… And if you’re still having trouble picking a style- check out this infographic, featuring some of the most stunning celebrity wedding cakes!


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