We get asked about groom’s cakes often, because folks in the mid-west are not too sure of the role of a groom’s cake and if it is necessary at their wedding reception. The groom’s cake is a southern tradition that has gained popularity across the country. Back in “the days” the wedding cake was always a white cake with white icing and the groom’s cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Now days, the wedding cake can be any flavor available. The groom’s cake is more often a cake that reflects a hobby or an interest of the groom.

So much of the wedding day is geared to the bride, that it is nice to give some attention to the groom on that special day. The groom’s cake is a nice way to also showcase the groom and give him a moment in the spotlight! Sometimes the cake is place on the table with the wedding cake, but more often, it is given a special table of its own.

It would be unusual to go to a wedding in the south and not see a groom’s cake. Here in central Indiana we generally see about 20% of the wedding receptions having a groom’s cake. Sometimes the groom’s cake is not taken into account for the number of guests attending, but often the groom’s cake and the wedding cake are both used to account for serving all the guests. For instance, if you are expecting 200 guests at the reception, you could plan on a wedding cake for 170 guests and a groom’s cake for 30 guests. Occaisonally we see the groom’s cake being used for the dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Wherever it is used, it is usually a conversation piece!

Choose a groom’s cake for your reception and surprise him!

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