Storing Leftover Wedding Cake

Storing Leftover Wedding Cake

When you get married, you’ll likely save a favor, an invitation, some flowers, and several other items to help you remember your special day for years to come.

You can also store and save your wedding cake in order to enjoy it on your first anniversary.

You’re probably wondering how a cake can stay moist and delicious for an entire year, but if stored properly, it certainly can.

You should consider what types of cakes might freeze best or customize your top tier so it is freeze-friendly. Oil-based cakes freeze better than others, and you might want to skip the fondant on the pieces you plan to freeze. However, there are a few key steps we take to preserve your top tier.

First, we provide your venue with a board that they can place the top tier of the cake on. We also provide a box to wrap to preserve the cake. On the box, we attached specific directions on how to wrap, freeze, and thaw the cake.

If the cake is taller than the box, close the lid as far as it can go and then tape the side of the lid to secure it. Wrap the box in plastic wrap twice. We recommend wrapping it in one direction and then turning the box 90 degrees and wrapping from the other direction

We suggest wrapping the box in extra wide, heavy duty, aluminum foil just as if you were wrapping a gift package. Seal every seam the entire way with tape and store in your freezer.

Keep in mind that throughout your first year of marriage, you may store other things in the freezer from time to time that are powerfully scented, like frozen fish. If you do so, make sure to wrap the fish tightly to prevent any flavor transfer to your cake. Or, stick a box of baking soda in the freezer along with your frozen items to absorb stinky smells.

Remove your cake from the freezer the night before you want to eat it and let it thaw slowly. Remove it from the refrigerator and unwrap the cake several hours before you cut it to allow it to come down to room temperature. We have gotten thank you notes from brides on their one year anniversary, letting us know that their wedding cake tasted just as good as the day they got married.

Classic Cakes specializes in custom designed cakes that reflect your special event, weddings included.

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