Our Vision

Classic Cakes was founded with the vision of providing high quality cake while setting trends in the wedding industry.

Our Story

Founded in 1995, we have been a leading cake bakery in the Central Indiana Wedding Industry for over two decades. 


Classic Cakes has won awards every year since then and is now listed as a top 50 Wedding Cake Bakery in the United States. There is no challenge that has not been mastered; once you’ve hung a cake upside down from the ceiling, there’s not much that is intimidating anymore. But the coolest thing about our industry is that there is always something new to learn!

Our Team

We have an incredibly talented team from various backgrounds. Hiring for values and providing  continued education opportunities ensures our team is always learning and growing. We have the best people and that is not by accident. 

You can meet our team members below.

Our Services

We are a custom cake shop that can quite literally do anything in cake. We also provide our customers with quality services including stand rental and delivery. For those last minute events or when you are just having a craving; we have a case full of never frozen, decorated cakes and cupcakes ready to go.

Whatever your cake needs are,

we've got you covered.

Custom Designed Cakes

Stand Rental 


Walk-in Case Cakes

Our Products

Combining simple, premium quality ingredients with 50 years of experience means you are getting the best! We specialize in cake & cupcakes.

Cakes with recipes that have been held to the highest standards means delicious flavor and a perfect crumb.

A two cooler moisture system makes cakes extra moist and never soggy. 


Buttercream made with real butter & madagascar vanilla means it is extra delicious & not overly sweet.

Meet Our Team Members

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   Since graduating from Herron School of Art & Design in 2013, she joined the Classic Cakes team to see how her skills could be applied to cake. Having never even iced a cake prior to this no one could have expected Courtney to learn and master cake decorating skills as fast as she has. Her natural artistic confidence and experience with many different mediums has given her a fresh perspective on cake decorating. She has a skill with a paintbrush that I can only dream of!

   While she is a natural artist, her skill can’t be written off as a gift she just happened upon. She is always working hard, developing her skills and looking for any excuse to learn a new technique. This is what makes her a truly great artist. Her passion for sharing her knowledge makes her an awesome mentor to other decorators.

   She is currently leading training for our team as well as developing new techniques for piped flowers and hand painting.

Managing Cake Artist 


    I feel confident saying that Sarah has the brain of a scientist, a mad scientist, but a scientist, nonetheless. This analytical perspective on cake artistry is an awesome thing to see. I have never seen someone be able to look at a complicated pattern and see it quite the way Sarah does. To understand it so well that she can easily recreate it on a cake, to the point where I am in sheer amazement. I can be starring at a cake, dumbfounded at incredible detailing she hand piped on a cake and she will respond with, “Oh no! It’s super simple! All you do is…” By the time she’s done explaining it, she’s right. It is simple. She is so comfortable pulling something apart and putting it back together that she makes you think you can do it to. And she will happily, no not happily, eagerly, ecstatically, show you how you can do it to.

   Sarah, an award winning decorator, joined us back in 2000 and has been doing amazing cakes ever since. I love watching her puzzle together seemingly random pieces of cake to create a sculpted masterpiece. She is always looking for new techniques to master and impossible cake challenges to overcome.

   She is currently working on tutorials for our blog as well as developing new uses for isomalt in the shop. (And I’m sure 9 other things she hasn’t told the rest of us about yet…)

Senior Cake Artist


   Becky started with us in 2018.  We weren’t hiring at the time but when she sent in her portfolio of sculpted figurines, we knew we had to meet with her. She is one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She will always stay to help a co-worker finish up a project & is always offering encouragement. She has worked hard to learn the skills of cake decorating and continues to amaze me with her modeling skills. Her attention to detail is unreal. I am constantly amazed at how focused Becky is and how she consistently is developing her skills.

   She is currently working on her more delicate piping skills.

Cake Artist


   Keele joined our team in 2019, after 7 years of decorating in production style cake bakeries. She is a very talented decorator and she is fast. If you need someone to knock out some cakes, I have yet to see a decorator work faster. She is excellent at motivating our team, setting a pace and ensuring daily tasks get accomplished on time. She is hungry to learn and develop her skills in every area in a way that is visibly a passion in her soul. I am amazed by how powerful this is and love seeing a skilled decorator continually searching for more techniques to master.

   She is a skilled decorator and her eye for color is phenomenal. She is currently developing her sculpted cake skills and playing with new palates for buttercream flowers for our case.

Cake Artist


   Baley is a skilled artist who came to us in 2019 having spent a year decorating. She spends most of her time doing the cakes you see in our walkin case. She’s a new decorator, working hard every day to master her foundational skills. A process that is not easy. She not only stays positive but every day I am delighted to see her encouraging the team in some way. It takes a very special person to be the newest person on a team and be the one encouraging the group. She is going to be an incredibly talented decorator, that’s the part we can teach. The part we can’t teach, is the desire to learn and living her values daily. We are all excited to have Baley be part of the team!

   She is currently working on fine tuning her piping skills and buttercream flowers.

Cake Baker


   Justine is currently our runner & dishwasher. She is an artist, like many of our team and wants to learn the skill of cake decorating. She soaks up every bit of cake knowledge she can. She stays late to practice her skills so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a decorator. Her drive is awesome, her willingness to fight for a dream makes her unstoppable. I am excited to get to work with her in developing her skills and look forward to having to hire a replacement when she is ready to step into a cake artist position.

   She came to us in 2019.

   She is currently mastering her techniques for icing cakes as well as training to be a baker.



   Jennifer is our awesomely talented Baker. She is in before the sun wakes up, creating the most delicious cakes, probably in the world. (I mean, we sure think so!) With a passion for people, a degree in the Culinary Arts & two kiddos at home who love to bake; it is no surprise that Jennifer is always looking for the next thing she can learn. Her innate desire to learn & master new skills is enviable. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever met and she is always going out of her way to help someone else.

   Jennifer is currently working on developing new flavors for our seasonal menu!

   She has been baking since 2018 with us. Her oldest daughter, Ayana, is part of our seasonal staff.

Customer Service Manager


   Susie is part of our seasonal crew. Classic Cakes is her second job, she spends her days working the reception desk at a local medical center. Susie is consistently going out of her way to help other people. Even as simple as bringing in silly rubber duckies for my toddler. She spends her time with us, icing & decorating the cakes for our walk-in case.

Cake Artist


   Ashley is one of our seasonal team members, she is a stay at home mama the rest of the time. The benefit to seasonal work with Classic Cakes for mamas is you never have to worry about working holidays! She is one of our talented cake artists and works a flexible schedule based on the needs of her family. She is currently on maternity leave after having her second kiddo and will be joining us again when her & her family are ready.

Cake Artist


   We are fortunate to have additional people who join us during the busier seasons each year who help us with the workload & allow us to take more orders for more of our amazing customers! 

Customer Service, Cake Artists, Bakers, etc.



   We are all here today because in year 1995 Ilene McHone had the crazy idea to start a business, with the dream of becoming the best cake shop that specialized in innovative techniques. Against all the odds, and there are a lot of those, she succeeded. July 31th, 2019, she was able to sell Classic Cakes and retire having done something most of us only dream of. She set an unimaginable goal and achieved it.

   While the cake is awesome, Ilene’s legacy is in her desire to care for people. I have worked with Ilene for the last 10 years, long before I met her she had a tradition of caring for her employees. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner, throwing Christmas parties, giving us holidays off to be with our families and throwing pitch in lunches for everyone’s birthday. This care for people extended into her customer service too, ask any bride who met with her for a cake tasting, she was completely engaged and eager to figure out how we could help make their day just a little more special.

   I am honored that Ilene has entrusted her business, her baby, to me. I feel I have the benefit of sharing several of her core values and vision for making Classic Cakes the best & most innovative. I’m excited to be the new leader of Classic Cakes, but Ilene McHone will always be her founder.



Photo Jan 23, 4 53 01 PM.png

This job is an opportunity to follow our dreams and create something beautiful, but we often find ourselves working late nights, holidays and every weekend. We are  incredibly grateful to our family & friends who understand this & support us.


We are forever grateful to our amazing, loyal customers who make it possible for us to do something awesome for a living and who value the work we do.


Thank you all,

 Classic Cakes Team

Family, Friends & Customers

Thank you!

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