Textured Cakes Continue to Increase in Popularity

Textured Cakes Continue to Increase in Popularity

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make when planning a wedding is deciding what kind of cake you want to serve on your big day. There are so many different options, so it can be tough to pick just one.

Deciding on a wedding cake just got more difficult thanks to the growing popularity of textured cakes that are taking over the wedding industry.

Textured cakes are, as their name would suggest, cakes that have a bit of texture added to the surface of them to give them a 3D effect and really bring them to life. You can add just about any texture that you want to these cakes, including something as simple as horizontal or vertical stripes or something as complex as a rustic design. You can also opt to add petal frosting, delicate ruffles, or even colorful pleats to the sides of your cake. You can customize your wedding cake any way you want and create something that will really stand out.

There are a lot of wedding cake trends that come and go from year to year as people’s tastes evolve and change. But it sure looks like the textured cake trend is here to stay and will offer couples the chance to personalize their cakes in whole new ways. A textured cake will give you something you will truly be proud to cut at your wedding reception and they also look great in photographs!

At Classic Cakes, we have perfected the art of creating textured wedding cakes and are seeing an uptick in the number of couples ordering them. You can check out some photos of the ones we have made here and inquire about making one of your own by contacting us today. Call us at 317-844-6901 to get the scoop on textured cakes or to use us as your custom wedding cake designer for the cake of your dreams.

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