The Confectionery Battle: Wedding Cakes or Cupcakes?

cakevscupcakes-300x234Weddings are without a doubt some of the most beautiful, wonderful and graceful events of a lifetime. Though from a bride’s (or groom’s) perspective, weddings can be incredibly stressful. With no shortage of decisions to be made, the last thing you want to worry about is your cake turning out perfect. Well, what if you got cupcakes instead? It may seem easier, but the truth is that choosing between cupcakes or a cake for your wedding can be just as difficult as choosing the right dress. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both to help you decide which confectionery delight is best for your big wedding day.


Cake: The Pros

  • As a long standing tradition, cakes are obviously the most popular option for all different kinds of weddings. The cutting of the cake, feeding it to your loved one, and saving the top tier for your first anniversary – these are all things you might miss out on if you go the cupcake route instead.
  • The approval of your guests should not be the major factor in your choice, but it is important to keep in mind that your guests will probably be looking for the cake when they walk into your reception. Expect some guests to question where your dazzling wedding cake is. Which brings us to our next point…
  • Your cake will be amazing, beautiful, and extravagant... if you want it to be. The beauty of having a wedding cake lies in the fact that you can have it designed exactly to your specifications. The cake will be unique to you and your future spouse, and the memory will be something you cherish for years.


Cake: The Cons

  • Cakes are expensive. For better or worse, your cake will most likely be more pricey than the alternative.
  • Your flavors may be more limited. Varying flavors are usually limited to the number of tiers you have, which is limited by the number of guests you have. Also, remember that the higher the tier, the less of that flavor there will be.
  • Easier to ruin in terms of appearance. For instance, let’s say Aunt Susie is leaning in to take a close look at the cake topper and her dangly necklace drags through the frosting; it’d be a lot easier to hide one cupcake rather than the middle tier of your cake!

Cupcakes: The Pros

  • Variety! When you have cupcakes, the flavor possibilities are huge. There is bound to be at least one thing that everyone likes: A major plus.
  • Easy to DIY. You can even make the cupcakes yourself if you’re feeling really motivated. As most brides are probably busy with a million other things, it’s a great project to grab your family members for – those aunts, grandmas, moms, sisters, brothers, uncles – anyone that has been dying to help out. Cupcakes make for a great family project.
  • May not be as extravagant as a cake would be, but perhaps that is exactly what you want. Your cupcakes can still be designed to your liking – in a newly beautiful and exciting way.
  • Guests can pick their own as they wish. One less thing to worry about! Your guests can grab their cupcake(s) of choice at any time after dinner has been served. No need to worry about having the cake sliced and served.
  • And finally, cupcakes have the potential to be significantly cheaper. Enough said.


Cupcakes: The Cons

  • Cupcakes force you to lose that cake cutting tradition as it has always been. (Although, many couples decide to order a “cutting cake” in addition to the cupcakes for this reason – also a great option).
  • Your cupcake display has to be really, really good. Remember, the cupcakes are replacing the cake and this can be a pretty big role to fill.


All in all, the choice is completely up to the couple. If you’re working on a budget, cupcakes may be the route to go. Remember that you can always have a cutting cake if you want. But you might have already saved up for that amazing cake idea you’ve been dreaming of since you were 12 – in which case, stay traditional and get your dream cake.


Think about the number of guests you’ll be having, what kind of traditions you’ll be going through at the reception, and most importantly – consider each other and your guests. Have a picky family? Maybe you should go the cupcake route. If you think just white and chocolate will satisfy everyone, a cake should do just fine! The possibilities are endless.

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