The history of the Groom’s Cake and why you should have one [Photos]

groomscake1-226x300Whoever said the wedding cake is strictly for the ladies was mistaken. While it is true that it’s rather difficult to get your spouse-to-be completely amped about the latticework and piping on your three-tiered wedding cake, when it comes to whether it’s going to be chocolate or vanilla, he may have more to say. Wedding cakes are essentially just a delicious dessert form of a traditional wedding dress. Standing tall and flowing to the surface below, these cake designs are sometimes just as intricate as the traditional, and carefully planned dress donned by the beautiful bride.

Okay, so the design of a traditional wedding cake may be better left to the bride’s discretion. So what’s a groom to do to ensure that he’s included in one of the tastiest portions of the most important day of his life? Well, plan on having a groom’s cake, of course! (Or hope that his soon-to-be bride will let him have a groom’s cake.)

The tradition of a groom’s cake can be dated back to the Victorian era. As time progressed, there were many interpretations of the groom’s cake, one being where the bride and groom each had a cake (light cake for the bride, dark for the groom) that was served to the bridal party and groomsmen. This English-turned-American tradition has been disregarded by many states  as a part of the wedding-day celebration, though the tradition still holds much value in the South where it’s just another fun part of the wedding planning and celebration.

Today, having a groom’s cake is just another way for the groom’s personality to shine through on his special day. Allowing for creative freedom with this cake is more than just frosting deep; it goes a long way, and helping the groom come up with an amazing design is going to show just how well you know him! Awesome ideas include a sculpted cake replica of a baseball cap for his favorite team, a bottle of his favorite adult beverage, his favorite food, pastime, or something quirky about him like his favorite couch or recliner – you know him best, the possibilities are endless.

At the end of the day, both the bride and groom can look back on this day knowing that the day encompassed the two of them completely. Two individuals’ personalities shining through to complete one amazing day!

And that’s truly the icing on the cake.

Here are more groom’s cake ideas from Classic Cakes:

groomscake4-239x300 groomscake5-225x300  groomscake3-212x300

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