The Minimalist Guide to Designing a Simple Wedding Cake

minguideOne of the most important pieces to a traditional wedding reception is the wedding cake. Whether the cake is extravagant or simple, it is going to be devoured by all of the reception-goers. Don’t forget, though, that next to the bride and groom, the wedding cake is one of the most photographed items at the wedding. So, it is ideal that it is beautiful, picturesque, and delectable. We love that cakes are trending back towards traditional and simple. Some of the most stunning cakes are those that have a beautiful cascade of matching flowers and use simple, elegant styles to create a huge impact.


Size Matters

You don’t want to have too many desserts left over, so plan accordingly. It’s simple; if you’re having a very large wedding reception, order a cake that will suffice for your large number of guests. If your reception is not going to have hundreds of people, then plan for a smaller cake. Follow this guide to see approximately how big you should plan for your cake to be.


Color Scheme

If you are going for the simplistic look, have your wedding cake one color, and add an accent color that will match the color scheme of your wedding. Having an all white cake with one color accent is already a simple, classy look; but it also allows for decorations (such as matching flowers) if desired.


Wedding Cake Toppers

Again, if you’re going for the simple look, you may not even want to worry about a cake topper. If the cake body has detail of any sort, that should be enough for an elegant and uncomplicated wedding cake. Popular toppers these days include a simple cluster of flowers, or the couple’s initials.


Cake Filling

Choosing the flavors of the cake and filling is one of the tastiest parts of the wedding planning process. For a simple wedding cake, don’t worry about going for exuberant cake flavors. Keep it simple and classic with flavors like vanilla or chocolate and choose a filling that will suit most palates.


Simple, yet Elegant Cake Decorations

»        A colored or plain ribbon around each tier of the cake

»        Clustered flowers

»        Add textured frosting to the tiers instead of having a smooth appearance

»        Put the initial of the last name of the newly weds at the top as a topper

Where to Find/Order Your Dream Wedding Cake

Classic Cakes of Carmel, Indiana offers many different custom-made options for creating an ideal cake for your special day. We’re a gourmet bakery in Indianapolis and we strive to create cakes that taste as good as they look. Check out our website for a full list of flavors and a gallery of some of our favorites.

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