The Perfect Cake for Every Autumn Celebration


September is almost here, with falling leaves and the scent of crisp air just around the corner. Whether you are hosting a fall birthday party or baby shower, planning ahead for next year’s autumn nuptials or looking for a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving dessert, Classic Cakes has some delectable ideas for you to consider.


Autumn spices are growing increasingly popular with beverages, candles and more being flavored for fall. Give your guests a taste of the season with one of our delicious cake or filling flavors. Cake flavors include caramel, spice, hazelnut, apple spice and pumpkin. Each of these flavor options can be paired with a complimentary filling, like apple, cream cheese or hazelnut. Mix and match your fall favorites or pair a festive filling with a classic chocolate or white cake.



Use orange, yellow and deep red hues to make your fall cake stand out. For a Halloween themed bash we love the pairing of bright purple and orange, while subdued harvest tones are perfect for leaves and flowers on a wedding cake.

Unique Design

From owls to pumpkins, scarecrows and ghosts, classic cakes can make it all! Regardless of the theme of your cake, you have plenty of options to choose from. From characters and objects molded from fondant to an entire cake shaped in your design, we can make your sugary dream come true!


To turn your idea into a reality, call us at 317-844-6901. Looking for more inspiration? We are always updating our Facebook page with recent designs!

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