The Romantic History of Sweetest Day

The Romantic History of Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is a holiday that was created simply to brighten the life of someone else which is a holiday we here at Classic Cakes can get behind. This year, Sweetest Day lands on October 20.

Classic Cakes has gathered some fun information about the history of Sweetest Day, and of course, we think a cake is the perfect way to celebrate!

Sweetest Day is Always the Third Saturday in October

In Cleveland in 1922, a man named Herbert Birch Kingston worked for a candy store hoping to bring joy to groups of people that often were forgotten on other major holidays and would often pass out candy to different people he felt needed it the most. There are some debates on the factual details of this tale, but we think it’s a pretty sweet story.

It’s Actually Quite Different Then Valentine’s Day

Although the two holidays are somewhat similar, Valentine’s Day is more focused on the romantic partner in your life. Similarly, Sweetest Day can absolutely be spent celebrating your romantic partner, but it’s not limited to that. Sweetest Day can be a day to celebrate a parent, co-worker, friend, or anyone else in your life that you feel deserves a sweet surprise.

It’s Not Just a Holiday for Candy

Although it was a candy store employee who is said to have started the Sweetest Day tradition, there are many options for ‘sweet” gestures in celebration of it. Hallmark sells cards for Sweetest Day, but people also gift flowers, books, framed photographs, and of course, sweet treats.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose how to celebrate Sweetest Day and we are sure anyone who receives a little something special will be delighted.

Classic Cakes would love to help you create a custom cake to celebrate Sweetest Day. Contact us today so we can help you delight and surprise a special someone in your life!

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