The Unicorn Trend in Pastry Art America

The Unicorn Trend in Pastry Art America

The “unicorn trend” spread its seeds when Starbucks unveiled a limited debut of its unicorn Frappuccino to consumers this past April, and that trend has spilled over into the pastry arts with bakers crafting specialty cakes and desserts in whimsical fashion. 

What’s the fascination behind this fable like obsession with unicorns? What desire do we have to live vicariously through the mystical trot of a one-horned mythical creature? Do they remind us of the rainbow-sprinkled innocence of our childhood?  Many writers and pop culture experts have postulated that the reasons are psychological.

A psychologist at Cardiff University believes that people are seeking refuge from the burdens of reality. In unicorns we seek a simpler time, a time devoid of the increasing daily struggles and stressors we are plagued by every day, both personally and on a larger front, like the leaky faucet of racism and terrorism. Instead of acting out on our micro aggression, we might reach for a rainbow-colored latte, unicorn-shaped cookie, or a rainbow grilled cheese sandwich and assuage our triggers.

At Classic Cakes, this fanciful trend has extended beyond our coffee cups; check out the photos of the two unicorn cakes we’ve designed for our loyal customer base in the past, pictured to the left and to the right. Each cake takes on a different character, one reminiscent of a childlike Lisa Frank, with neonie twists and two bright green eyes, and the other a little more girly, with long batting lashes and some colorful Harajuku-inspired flourishes.

Who says unicorns are just for kids? Fable themes are popular with adults, too. Brighten someone’s day with a Classic Cakes masterpiece that will surely make them feel like a kid again!

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