Valentine’s Day Cake Proposals

post4Once upon a time, flowers were the premiere gift to express a message of attraction. Each flower and color gave way to a feeling of the heart without needing words. Now, there is the cake. Is there a sweeter way to convey feelings, propose marriage, or create a memorable occasion than to present a cake designed specifically to express the uniqueness of those sharing the moment?

The possibilities are as endless as the love shared when it comes to cake design and creativity. A cake can hold the engagement ring in between layers or in frosting. The cake can be the teal blue box wrapped in a frosty white bow that promises something special. Choose your bride-to-be’s favorite cake flavor and let our confection artist craft a unique-to-you frosting design that holds your engagement ring.

We can welcome the color schemes of the floral messages and incorporate them into frosting colors with deep red implying everlasting love, yellow conveying endearing friendship, and pink as a playful expression of feelings that fall somewhere between. We can adorn your cake with confection crafted flowers from roses to orchids, daisies or lilies.

Departing from the traditional route, we can build a cake that is uniquely you. Are you a sports enthusiast, musician, animal rescuer, or rocket scientist? Our creative cake designs can reflect an image of you or the love of your life. Where did you meet? Where was your first date or first kiss? Any of these elements can be wound into your cake design to create a memorable proposal or a Valentine occasion she will never forget.

Check out our previous Valentine’s Day creations in our gallery!

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